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California voters can get informed at

Voters looking for reliable election information on the Internet can start their research at This web site features the Fall 2000 California Online Voter Guide, a nonpartisan clearinghouse of links and information about the upcoming election, and is produced by the California Voter Foundation (CVF), a nonprofit organization established in 1994 to advance new technologies to improve democracy. Now in its seventh edition, this noncommercial guide covers 162 state and federal contests in California, including the eight statewide propositions, the presidential election, California's U.S. Senate race, 52 U.S. House contests, and 100 state legislative races.

Voter guide highlights include:

* Top Ten donors for and against each California proposition;

* Current contact information for proposition campaigns and all 525 federal and state candidates on California's ballot;

* Links to hundreds of official campaign web sites;

* Questions and answers about voting, contact information for local election agencies and links to other election resources recommended by CVF.

The Fall 2000 election season marks the six year anniversary of the California Voter Foundation's trailblazing work to pioneer the Internet as a tool for democratic reform. CVF's 2000 election projects are funded by tax-exempt contributions from foundations, businesses, and individuals. For more information, visit

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