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California Propositions

See individual proposition pages for election results.
Official results are available from the Secretary of State's web site.

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California's March 7, 2000 ballot features twenty state propositions that voters are asked to approve or reject.

Some propositions are initiatives that were placed on the ballot by petition of the voters. The legislature has also placed many of the propositions on the ballot, either because they are bonds or constitutional amendments that require voter approval, or because they amend previously-approved initiatives and therefore require voter approval.

The March 2000 ballot includes three referenda propositions, which seek to overturn laws enacted by the Legislature. Voting on referenda measures can be confusing. It's important to realize that a "yes" vote on a referendum means you support retaining the law in question, while a "no" vote means you want to stop the law that the legislature passed from being implemented.

State ballot measures are assigned numbers by the Secretary of State. Ballot measure numbering began anew in the last election, when the last measure on the ballot was Prop 11. Though the ballot measure numbering process is determined by law, the legislature can and does sometimes pass additional laws that change the numbering process, as they did with Prop 1A.

Your ballot may also include local measures, which are assigned letters rather than numbers.

To learn more about the initiative process and efforts to qualify initiatives for the November 2000 ballot, visit the California Voter Foundation's Initiative Watch 2000 project.

Prop 1A

Indian Gaming

Prop 12

Park Bond

Prop 13

Water Bond

Prop 14

Library Bond

Prop 15

Crime Labs Bond

Prop 16

Veterans' Homes Bond

Prop 17

Charitable Raffles

Prop 18

Murder; Punishment

Prop 19

Murder; Punishment

Prop 20

Lottery/Text Books

Prop 21

Juvenile Crime

Prop 22

Limit on Marriage

Prop 23

"None of the Above"

Prop 24

(Removed from ballot)

Prop 25

Campaign Financing

Prop 26

Local School Bonds

Prop 27

Term Limits

Prop 28

Tobacco Tax Repeal

Prop 29

Gaming Compacts Repeal

Prop 30

Insurance Act Repeal

Prop 31

Insurance Act Repeal

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