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Proposition 16

Official Title: Bond: Veterans' Homes Bond Act of 2000.
Bond Act






Official election results are available from the Secretary of State's web site.

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Official Summary: This fifty million dollar ($50,000,000) bond issue will provide funding to the Department of Veterans Affairs for the purpose of designing and constructing veterans' homes in California and completing a comprehensive renovation of the Veterans' Home at Yountville. Funds from this bond shall be allocated to fund the state's matching requirement to construct or renovate those veterans' homes in the Military and Veterans Code section 1011 first, and then fund any additional homes established under this Act. Appropriates money from General Fund to pay off bonds. Fiscal Impact: Net state cost of about $33 million over 25 years to pay off $26 million in additional bonds. The average costs would be around $1 million per year.

Web Sites


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Friends of California Veterans


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Contact Information


  Senator Joe Dunn
Friends of California Veterans
604 So. Harbor
P.O. Box 27551
Santa Ana, CA 92799
    (916) 441-4759


  Ted Brown
Libertarian Party of California
    (626) 614-0630

Who Signed the Ballot Arguments


  Gray Davis, Governor of California
John McCain, U.S. Senator, Arizona
Joe Dunn, State Senator, 34th District
Willy Wilkin, Calif. State Commander of the American Legion
Richard Eubank, Calif. State Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars
Georges Robin, Calif. Legislative Officer, Military Order of the Purple Heart




  Gail K. Lightfoot, Past Chair, Libertarian Party of California
Larry Hines, U.S. Marine Corps veteran
Ted Brown, Insurance Adjuster/Investigator

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