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The Proposition Song
By Kim Alexander & Friends

Copyright 2000, California Voter Foundation

Play the Song (in Flash) | Hear the Song (audo only) | About the Song

Chords: G / A / D7 / D7F# / G

Oh, there once was a proposition, its number was One-A

The first of twenty measures to decide by Election Day.

One-A brings Indian gaming, slots and card games too

It's followed by Prop number Twelve. It's silly but it's true.

Prop Twelve is a bond act, it helps parks around the state

Then Prop Thirteen -- not that Thirteen; that was nineteen seventy-eight.

It's two thousand now and this time, Thirteen is a water bond

There's three more bonds left in this song,

Pay attention and sing along! It's the Proposition Song.

Cuz the ballot is too darn long!

Fourteen pays for libraries, Fifteen pays for crime labs

If Sixteen passed, we'd build homes for vets. Of the bond acts it's the last.

If we pass Prop Seventeen, church raffles are okay

Eighteen changes the length of time we put murderers away.

Nineteen's also 'bout murder. Vote yes if you think you should

If somebody killed a transit cop this could lock them up for good.

Prop Twenty's about education -- it buys new books for kids.

Eleven more to go, so on with the show! Moving on to initiatives!

First comes Prop Twenty-One, it deals with juvenile crime

If we pass this proposition, more kids would be doin' time.

Prop Twenty-Two comes next. It's sponsored by Pete Knight

A "yes" vote bans gay marriage, vote "no" if itís alright.

Prop Twenty-Three puts "None of the Above" on the ballot

Prop Twenty-Four is out the door -- the courts ruled it invalid.

Twenty-Five would rearrange how campaigns are financed

Twenty-Six would make it easier for a local school bond to pass.

It's the Proposition Song!

Let's all be singing along!

Cuz the ballot is too darn long!

If we pass Prop Twenty-Seven, future candidates

would be asked to say if they think term limits are great.

Twenty-Eight's about tobacco, and how much to tax each pack

Remember when we passed Prop Ten? Twenty-Eight repeals that tax.

The rest are referenda, they repeal existing laws

So, hang on friends! We're near the end of this Proposition Song.

You should all be singing along!

Cuz the ballot is too darn long!

Twenty-Nine may sound familiar - it ends gaming compacts.

Thirty and Thirty-One are the last - they repeal insurance acts.

If you want more information, well, log yourself online

There's a whole lot more at cal - voter - dot - org

We're o -- pen -- all -- the -- time!

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star image This page first published February 17, 2000 -- last updated March 7, 2000 star image