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Joe Baca (D)

US House of Representatives, District 42

These statements are shown exactly as they appeared at in November 2000

Joe Baca on Education

"The strong economy created so many jobs, the government has more money than expected. Republicans say we should give it back to taxpayers. Democrats say we should spend most of it on Social Security and Medicare. I think we should do 3 things:

  • Give some of it back using targeted tax cuts to help families pay for college.
  • Spend some of it on a prescription drug health benefit for all seniors and strengthen Social Security.
  • Pay down the National Debt...keeping interest rates low and the economy strong.

COLLEGE OPPORTUNITY: TUITION TAX CREDITS - After World War II, we created the G.I. Bill. Millions of service men and women got their education and changed our nation. That's how I went to college... Our plan now is to do the same through Tuition Tax Credits for families sending kids to college - that's the smartest tax break. It could change our country for a next generation.

EDUCATION REFORM: INVESTING IN SUCCESS - Across America there are success stories. We have to build on those successes...reducing class size, expanding after-school programs and keeping schools safe and drug free. While we modernize and repair old schools, we have to bring technology to every school. And above all, schools must be accountable for results."

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