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Dario Frommer (D)

California State Assembly, District 43

These statements are shown exactly as they appeared at in November 2000

Dario Frommer on Education

"Glendale schools gave Dario the tools he needed to succeed in life. But today's students aren't getting the same quality education. There are too many untrained teachers without credentials and too many overcrowded schools with inadequate materials.

'As a community college instructor, I know first hand the challenges facing our schools and students. I will cut red tape and make sure that we build new schools as quickly as possible. As your Assemblyman, I will push for better teacher training and recruitment -- and I will not be satisfied until every school is on-line and every child has current textbooks.'"

Dario Frommer on Jobs and the Economy

"The flight of entertainment production to other countries is jeopardizing the economy of California. The loss of $800,000,000 a year just on film production affects not only highly skilled industry professionals, vendors, and suppliers, but also has a ripple effect on all people living in the region who lose out when industry workers have less discretional income to spend.

Dario supports AB 484 (Kuehl/Wildman) which would grant tax refunds - not tax credits - for some of the labor costs of qualified projects produced in California. He also supports the creation of a "film bank" or production lending agency that would finance qualified production done in California.

'Good paying jobs are the engine of any prosperous region. As Assemblymember, I will fight to keep those jobs in our state and in our county.'"

Dario Frommer on Open Space

"Dario will fight to preserve and acquire open space and protect our communities from over-development, pollution and noise. He opposes the Oakmont V development and worked to secure funding in the state budget to buy the property. Dario supports Governor Davis' Park Bond measure.

'As a kid, I hiked the Verdugos and Griffith Park. Those hills and our unique neighborhoods are part of what make this such a special place to live. As your Assemblyman, I will fight to protect our communities from overzealous developers, and to acquire and preserve more open space.'"

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