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Christine Kehoe (D)

California State Assembly, District 76

These statements are shown exactly as they appeared at in November 2000

Christine Kehoe on Education

"For Democracy to work, Californians must have the education necessary to make informed and thoughtful civil decisions. Education is a responsibility - not a right - and it is in the best interest of all our citizens, whether or not they have children in school, to make sure our public schools are the best.

As a member of the San Diego City Council I supported leveraging city funds to build 2 new elementary schools in my district and expand an extended day program '6 to 6' for students at over 100 public schools. As a State Assemblymember I will continue my support of quality public schools."

Christine Kehoe on the Environment

"No matter were we live in the San Diego area, whether it is along our beautiful coastline or one of our unique inland areas, we enjoy beautiful natural surroundings - and we want to keep it that way!

As member of both the San Diego City Council and the California Coastal Commission, I have supported model programs to preserve open space, reduce polluted run-off to our beaches and bays and improve recreation opportunities. Representatives from all sides of an issue know I will listen to their concerns and consider each item based on its merits. I will continue this approach to decision making as a State Assemblymember."

Christine Kehoe on the Transportation

"As our city grows our transportation problems increase. Traffic delays and gridlock are becoming the norm rather than the exception. This must change. We must complete Highways 56, 125 and 905. But just building more roads will not solve our problems. We need to implement a balance of strategies to address this problem that include convenient, efficient mass transit and incentives to live closer to our jobs.

When I first ran for the City Council, I vowed to expedite the Highway 15 completion through Mid City. This January the completed link was opened. As a State Assemblymember, I will work to complete planned highways, and will also encourage creative, outside-the-box solutions to alleviate the traffic congestion that we all endure on a daily basis."

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