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Fran Pavley (D)

California State Assembly, District 41

These statements are shown exactly as they appeared at in November 2000

Fran Pavley on Education

"For every scheme 'experts' have explored, we've missed the obvious. To attract good teachers, pay them a professional wage. Give kids a head start with early childhood education. Increase local control to get parents more involved. Hold schools accountable, but give them the resources they need to do the job. We cannot provide the best education in America when we spend less on our schools than Georgia or Maine and are more than $3,000 per student below the more comparable State of New York."

Fran Pavley on the Environment

"As a member of the Coastal Commission and of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Advisory Committee, I am strongly committed to protecting our coast from storm drain runoff and other toxic pollution and from the dangers of offshore oil drilling. We must not allow the oil industry to use our current short term energy problems as a scare tactic to convince us to open up our coastline to oil drilling. I will fight to ensure that the environment we leave our kids is cleaner and healthier than it is today, that our water quality is enhanced. We can improve our air quality through careful, smart growth that puts homes and jobs nearby and places new development near public transportation corridors. We do not have to sacrifice our environment for our economy. To the contrary, a strong economy is dependent on a healthy environment. I am proud to have the endorsement of the Sierra Club, the CA League of Conservation Voters and others who care deeply about our earth."

Fran Pavley on Transportation

"Except education, perhaps nothing is more important to ensuring California's economic leadership in the new century than the improvement of our transportation infrastructure. We owe it to the people we serve to take the steps necessary to reduce the obscene commute times so many face. Last session, the Legislature and the Governor made a good start, investing $2.5 billion additional revenues to address these problems. They shifted all gas sales tax to transportation projects and invested $1.5 billion for capital projects around the state.

But we need to do more. Unlike my opponent, I think we need to invest more in public transportation to help people who would like to get out of their cars but have no reasonable alternative. We need to use our resources to clear up bottlenecks at freeway interchanges such as exists at 405 and 101."

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