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Keith Richman (R)

California State Assembly, District 38

These statements are shown exactly as they appeared at in November 2000

Keith Richman on Education

"Dr. Richman will work to restore our education system, kindergarten to the university level, to a system that is a national model ... He will urge adoption of a State Master Plan for education with a well-defined curriculum and stress back to basics. He supports annual testing of students, eliminating social promotion and insisting on accountability for those charged with the education of our students. He strongly supports local control of our schools and active involvement of parents in their children's education. He believes that every child needs to be able to write, read and speak English well so that they can compete in the ever-increasing global economy."

Keith Richman on the Environment

"Dr. Richman believes that quality of life issues are very important. Clean air and water, and adequate open space and parks for all of us to enjoy are an absolute necessity if California is going to continue to be a place where people want to live and work. Quality of life issues are not simply an amenity but are essential to attracting business and maintaining a healthy and robust economy."

Keith Richman on Transportation

"Dr. Richman believes that progress in our state is not possible without adequate investment in our state's infrastructure ... In years past California led the nation in capital investment in schools, universities, roads and highways ... We now have a tremendous shortfall in our investment for the future ... and we need to correct this. Dr. Richman will work for investment in our schools, universities, roads, highways, airports and ports. He is committed to making sure that our state's transportation systems are able to move people and goods efficiently, and he believes that we are to maintain our economic leadership into the future we must invest in our state's infrastructure."

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