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Ed Royce (R)

US House of Representatives, District 39

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Ed Royce on Education

"There is nothing more important to America's future than the education of our children. They are its future leaders, doctor and scientists. They will be taking care of this country and its future direction. The 39th Congressional District tends to have good schools but it is clear much more needs to be done for our children. For decades now politicians and education programs and greater control over local schools from Washington, DC was the answer to the problem. Currently the federal government operates 760 federal education programs, which span 39 federal agencies at a price of $100 billion annually. Yet many argue that public education today is worse than it was 20 years ago. That is why I strongly support: The Dollars to the Classroom Act - sends more dollars to the classroom while giving states and local education more funding options. Currently only 65 percent of federal education dollars actually reach the classroom. The Dollars to the Classroom act requires that 95 percent of federal funds be spent in the classroom. The Education Flexibility Act gives local school districts more flexibility to spend federal education dollars on our children's needs not senseless Washington mandates. We must remove restrictions on how teachers and administrators spend federal funding. We must put more responsibility in the hands of the people who know our children best. We must consolidate federal education programs so local school officials can spend federal funds to recruit and train teachers as they see fit. We also must expand education individual retirement accounts. This will help parents pay for education expenses such as tuition, tutoring, books and computers."

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