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Pete Stark (D)

US House of Representatives, District 13

These statements are shown exactly as they appeared at in November 2000

Pete Stark on the Economy

"Pete Stark has always been an avid advocate for tax fairness. He was an author of the1986 tax reform law and has been committed to closing corporate loopholes and providing responsible tax relief. He strongly opposes legislation that offers huge tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans at the expense of the poor. Similarly, he opposed the Republican leadership's estate tax repeal as it would give tens of billions of dollars to the wealthiest five percent of taxpayers. Instead, Pete believes that budget surpluses should be used for targeted tax relief programs to help working families: the Earned Income Tax Credit and college tax credits; to restore solvency to the Medicare and Social Security trust funds; pay for a Medicare prescription drug benefit; and guarantee health coverage for all our children."

Pete Stark on Education

"From child care for our youngest children, to public education, after school programs and college, Pete Stark believes every child in America deserves a high quality experience that promotes their cognitive, social and emotional development. Small class sizes, a rich curriculum, good pay for teachers, and safe schools are essential for making education high quality. He also believes everyone should be able to afford to go to college and supports Pell grants and college tax credits to make this possible. Pete knows that as a country, we can't afford to skimp on the education we provide our children."

Pete Stark on the Environment

"Pete Stark believes that we must protect our environment for generations to come. That means we need to have smart growth, conserve our natural resources, preserve our public lands and national treasures, and have strong restrictions that ensure clean air and water and require immediate cleanup of toxic waste. For years, Pete championed the preservation of the old growth forest in Northern California and fought numerous battles with loggers who wanted free range of our most precious forests.

Pete knows that a focus on the environment needs to be part of all we do -- in schools, we need to be teaching children about the practical things they can do to protect our environment; in community planning, we need to think carefully about the balance between development and the environment, and in trade agreements, we need to be ensuring that world partners are not harming the environment.

From local to global environmental issues, Pete stands strong in his commitment to preserving and protecting our environment."

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