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Tom Torlakson (D)

California State Senate, District 7

These statements are shown exactly as they appeared at in November 2000

Tom Torlakson on Education

"Education Agenda:

  • Safe Learning Environment - Assemblyman Torlakson wrote AB 1154 'School Safety Act 2000', which would increase the funding by another $35 million for the after school programs created by AB 2284. This bill also requires that every school in California work with local emergency personnel to develop an overall safety plan.
  • National Average Per Pupil Spending - Assemblyman Torlakson is fighting to increase per pupil spending above the national average.
  • Increasing Discretionary Funds - As a member of the Budget Committee, Assemblyman Torlakson is fighting to direct $1 billion of this year's 'Surplus' towards local schools as discretionary funds.
  • Education Upgrade - Assemblyman Torlakson believes all students should have the instructional materials necessary for learning and that all school districts should be equipped with the technology necessary for educating our children in the 21st Century."

Tom Torlakson on the Environment

"Assemblyman Tom Torlakson has steadfastly supported legislation to improve air quality, protect the California coastline, conserve natural resources, preserve clean water, and prevent the spread of hazardous materials into the environment. That is why the California League of Conservation Voters has given Assemblyman Torlakson a perfect 100% for his voting record in support of environmental protection for the last three years. As a former high school biology teacher, he understands our interconnectedness with the environment and has made environmental protection a top legislative priority."

Clean Water

"Assemblyman Torlakson recently secured $50,000 to help clean up the Antioch Pier, remove underwater snags, and improve this convenient site for public fishing, in partnership with the city of Antioch and private citizens. He also was a strong supporter of Prop. 13, the Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water, Watershed Protection, and Flood Protection Bond Act which was passed by California voters in March."

Open Space

"Assemblyman Torlakson was a co-author of the Safe Neighborhood Parks, Clean Water, Clean Air, and Coastal Protection Bond Act, which was passed by voters in California as Prop. 12. This measure will allow the state to put $2.1 billion into restoring and expanding the park system, while also protecting other natural resources. The East Bay Regional Park District will receive $18.2 million for protecting our valued open space. The bond will also provide funding for the City of Concord Bike Trail, the Contra Costa Canal Regional trail, the Iron Horse trail and other projects in the area. Assemblyman Torlakson has also successfully secured funding for Leigh Creekside Park in Lafayette, Almond Ranch, and the Arroyo Del Valle environmental education center."

Tom Torlakson on Transportation

"'Reducing traffic congestion and the number of hours people spend commuting is one of my top priorities.'

Assemblyman Tom Torlakson is leading the effort to reinvest in California's transportation infrastructure. As chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee, Assemblyman Torlakson authored AB 2928, which provides $1.6 billion for the Traffic Congestion Relief Plan and $400 million for local roads. He also played an important role in Prop 2, which was passed by the voters in November 1998 and ensures that 100% of California's transportation tax dollars go toward transportation improvements.

Senator Torlakson is currently developing a comprehensive, overall state transportation plan and is leading the effort to expand BART to Livermore and Antioch.

Transportation Agenda

  • Creating an Overall State Transportation Plan - Traffic gridlock costs California's economy over $15 billion annually in lost productivity and the cost for California's families is immeasurable. We need a comprehensive, overall state transportation plan to combat this problem and measure our future transportation needs. Assemblyman Torlakson's 5-Point Plan meets this challenge and provides up to $83 billion dollars for transportation improvements over the next 20 years.
  • Reducing the Jobs-Housing Imbalance - One of the greatest factors contributing to gridlock is the distance people travel between their jobs and homes. As Chair of the Select Committee on the Jobs-Housing Balance, Assemblyman Torlakson is creating state incentives for local governments to plan housing closer to jobs and bring jobs closer to housing.
  • Transportation Infrastructure Improvements - As Chair of the Assembly Transportation Committee, Assemblyman Torlakson is fighting to increase funding for California's highway system - especially highways 4, 24, 580, 680 and an additional Caldecott Tunnel.
  • BART to Livermore and Antioch - Assemblyman Torlakson is fighting for legislation that would require Santa Clara County pay a 'buy-in' before BART can be extended to San Jose. The buy-in will help fund extensions to Livermore and Antioch."

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