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Thursday, September 28, 2000  

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Fall 2000 California Online Voter Guide Debuts on the Net!

California Voter Foundation launches the 7th edition of its award-winning, nonpartisan election guide at

Sacramento, CA -- California voters looking for reliable election information on the Internet will hit the mother lode when they visit, where, starting today, voters can access the new California Online Voter Guide, a nonpartisan clearinghouse of links and information about this year's election. The guide, now in its seventh edition, is a noncommercial public service offered by the California Voter Foundation (CVF), a pioneering nonprofit organization advancing new technologies to improve democracy.

"California voters have a number of important decisions to make this November," said Kim Alexander, CVF's president and founder. "While political campaigns spend hundreds of millions of dollars in California, much of that money pays for advertising that's designed to manipulate, scare or confuse voters. Voters need and deserve an alternative -- fortunately, they have one at"

CVF's web site grows increasingly popular each year, with traffic doubling every election since the guide debuted on the Internet in 1994, peaking at 200,000 visits during the March 2000 Primary. The latest edition covers 162 state and federal contests in California, including the eight statewide propositions, the presidential election, California's U.S. Senate race, 52 U.S. House contests, and 100 state legislative races. The guide features contact information for proposition campaigns and all 525 federal and state candidates on California's ballot as well as links to hundreds of official campaign web sites. The guide also provides questions and answers about voting, contact information for local election agencies, and links to other election resources recommended by CVF.

"What you won't find at is important, too," said Alexander. "There is no banner advertising, and no registration is required. We're not tracking your interests and we're not selling your political data to marketing companies. What you will find is a trustworthy election resource available for free 24 hours a day."

Already more than 70 percent of California's state and federal campaigns have responded to CVF's request for a campaign web site address and updated contact information. "Our voter guide is the most comprehensive and reliable directory of California campaign web sites available on the Internet," said Saskia Mills, CVF's managing director. "Candidates are eager to be included in our guide because it is a popular and highly-valued public resource." CVF's voter guide will be frequently updated throughout the Fall 2000 election season, with new features to be added soon, including lists of the Top Ten donors for and against each state proposition.

The Fall 2000 election season marks the six year anniversary of the California Voter Foundation's trailblazing work to pioneer the Internet as a tool for democratic reform. Throughout its six-year history, the significance of CVF's role as an outlet for credible election information has only broadened, and current trends suggest there will be even more growth. A recent Yahoo!/Yankelovich poll found that nearly two out of three Americans say the Internet will help them make more informed decisions in this year's presidential election.

The California Online Voter Guide is made possible by a generous grant from The James Irvine Foundation. Additional support for CVF's 2000 Election projects has been provided by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Markle Foundation. The California Voter Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization funded by tax-exempt contributions from foundations, businesses and individuals. For more information, visit

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