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Thursday, November 2, 2000  

Kim Alexander or Saskia Mills


(916) 325-2120;

"Introduction to California's Ballot Measures" now online at

Nonpartisan group's analysis helps voters understand propositions

Sacramento, CA -- The California Voter Foundation (CVF) today released its nonpartisan analysis of the eight measures on Tuesday's ballot. CVF's "Introduction to California's Ballot Measures" is designed to give voters an unbiased and clear overview of the eight state propositions and to help voters better understand their choices and feel prepared to make informed, confident decisions. The analysis is available at:

"Voters have a lot of important choices to make this election," said Kim Alexander, the group's president and founder, who authored the analysis. "We produced this analysis so that voters can quickly understand what's at stake with each measure and vote with confidence on November 7th," she added, noting that CVF sought input from all the ballot measure campaigns before publishing its analysis to help ensure fairness and accuracy.

CVF's "Introduction to California's Ballot Measures" is a companion to the organization's California Online Voter Guide 2000, which covers 162 state and federal contests in California, including the eight statewide propositions, the presidential election, California's U.S. Senate race, 52 U.S. House contests, and 100 state legislative races. The guide features contact information for proposition campaigns and all 525 federal and state candidates on California's ballot as well as links to hundreds of official campaign web sites. The guide also provides questions and answers about voting, contact information for local election agencies, and links to live election returns online and other election resources recommended by CVF.

The California Voter Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization funded by tax-exempt contributions from foundations, businesses and individuals. For more information, visit

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