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Congressional Races

2002 General Election

Congress is made up of two houses -- the Senate, and the House of Representatives. California, like all states, has two Senators, and each senator serves a six-year term. Neither of California's U.S. Senate seats is up for election in 2002.

California currently has 52 representives in the House of Representatives - more than any other state. In fact, California gained one seat in the House this year due to reapportionment and will elect 53 representatives in November.

Each member of the House represents about 640,000 people and is elected to a two-year term. There are currently no term limits in effect for federal offices. U.S. Senators and House members earn an annual salary of $150,000.

The California Voter Foundation has compiled information on each of the 53 House races this year. Follow the links to find a list of the candidates running in each district, their contact information, and links to candidates' web sites, which typically feature campaign literature, endorsement lists, position papers, and information about how to contribute or volunteer.

If you're not sure which congressional district you live in, you can check your Official Sample Ballot or contact your county election office. Your district may have changed following the recent redistricting process undertaken by the legislature. To view the new district maps and for information about redistricting, see CVF's district maps page.

Congressional Races

Districts 1-20

Districts 21-40

Districts 41-53

This page first published February 25, 2002 -- last updated May 16, 2002