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California Propositions

2002 General Election

Top Ten Donors to Propositions!

California's November ballot includes seven statewide propositions. State ballot measures are assigned numbers by the Secretary of State, and all require a simple majority to pass.

Click on the links to the right for more specific information about each ballot measure, including contact information, links to campaign Web sites and campaign finance reports, and a list of who signed the ballot arguments.

Your ballot may also include local measures, which are assigned letters rather than numbers. Voters across the state will decide the fate of 455 local measures; visit our directory of local measures for additional information.

To learn more about the initiative process and efforts to qualify initiatives for future ballots, visit the California Voter Foundation's Initiative Watch project. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions about this voter guide.

Prop 46: Housing Bond

Prop 47: Education Facilities Bond

Prop 48: Court Consolidation

Prop 49: After School Programs

Prop 50: Water Quality

Prop 51: Transportation

Prop 52: Election Day Voter Registration

Directory of Local Measures

This page first published February 22, 2002 -- last updated November 6, 2002