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Proposition 52

Official Title: Election Day Voter Registration. Voter Fraud Penalties. Initiative Statute.






Official statewide election results are available from the Secretary of State's web site.

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Official Summary: Allows persons who are legally eligible to vote and have valid identification to register to vote on election day at their polling place. Increases criminal penalty for voter and voter registration fraud. Criminalizes conspiracy to commit voter fraud. Requires trained staff at polling places to manage election day registration, creates fund to implement measure, including training and providing personnel for election day registration. Allows persons to register or reregister during 28 days preceding election day at local election offices. Provides more time to county election officials to prepare voter registration lists. Annual state costs of about $6 million to fund counties for election day voter registration activities, thereby resulting in no anticipated net county cost. Minor state administrative costs and unknown, but probably minor, state costs to enforce a new election fraud offense.

Web Sites



Contact Information


  Yes on Proposition 52
1510 J Street, Suite 230
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 443-7011


  Citizens & Law Enforcement Against Election Fraud
921 11th Street, Suite 600
Sacramento, CA 95814

Contact: Dave Gilliard

Who Signed the Ballot Arguments




green check markLee Baca, Los Angeles County Sheriff   green check markHonorable Ed Jagels, District Attorney of Kern County
green check markMarch Fong Eu, Former Secretary of State   green check markRoy Burns, President, Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs
green check markBarbara Inatsugu, President, League of Women Voters of California   green check markJill Schall, President, Women Prosecutors of California
green check markRocky Delgadillo, Los Angeles City Attorney   green check markHonorable Jan Scully, District Attorney of Sacramento County
  green check markHonorable Mike Carona, Sheriff of Orange County
  green check markSharon Runner, Co-Chair, Citizens & Law Enforcement Against Election Fraud

News Coverage

For the most current election-related news stories, CVF recommends the Rough & Tumble web site.

please note: some of the links below may no longer work, because many newspaper web sites move stories into fee-based archives after a certain amount of time)
Vote booster meets surprising resistance, The Oakland Tribune, October 15, 2002
Sign up, vote on same day, Sacramento Bee, October 8, 2002
Voters to Consider Signups at the Polls, Los Angeles Times, October 1, 2002
Rob McKay, California Journal, August 27, 2002
Riordan backs voter registration on Election Day, Sacramento Bee, July 25, 2002
Profile: Political Philanthropist Rob McKay Taco Bell heir takes initiative S.F. man would spice voter registration rules, San Fransisco Chronicle, July 14, 2002
State weighs 'same-day registration', San Diego Union-Tribune, July 1. 2002
Registrar skeptical of late vote sign-ups, Contra Costa Times, June 11, 2002
Voting measure heading for ballot, Sacramento Bee, June 6, 2002
Taco Bell heir serves up more convenient, easier way to vote, Los Angeles Times, May 27, 2002
Election day registration heads toward November ballot in California,, May 16, 2002
Initiative would allow election-day registration, San Diego Union Tribune, May 2, 2002
Same-day sign-up for voters proposed, Sacramento Bee, December 21, 2001
Taco Bell heir giving $1 million to last-minute-voter drive, San Francisco Chronicle, November 4, 2001

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