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2002 General Election

News Articles

For the most current election-related news stories, CVF recommends the Rough & Tumble web site.


Please note: many news organizations remove articles from their web sites or put them into archives after a certain period of time; if you are interested in a particular story highlighted below, but can't access it due to a broken link, please contact us for assistance.
Where the candidates stand on abortion and reproductive health care, San Francisco Chronicle, October 31, 2002
Where the candidates stand on energy, San Francisco Chronicle, October 17, 2002
Camejo peace policy strikes chord at UCD, The Sacramento Bee, October 16, 2002
Riordan Flattered, but Won't Mount a Write-in Campaign, Los Angeles Times, October 15, 2002
Davis, Simon take broad swipes, dodge on specifics, San Francisco Chronicle, October 8, 2002
Campaign 2002: Debating the issues, San Francisco Chronicle, October 8, 2002
Davis and Simon quietly address growth and blight, Contra Costa Times, October 7, 2002
Libertarian candidate throwing himself one-man party, The Bakersfield Californian, October 6, 2002
At Last, a Chance to Compare Davis and Simon on the Issues, Los Angeles Times, October 3, 2002
How Davis and Simon differ on electricity policy, Sacramento Bee, September 24, 2002
Third parties could be spoilers, San Francisco Chronicle, September 16, 2002
Judgment against Simon firm dismissed, San Francisco Chronicle, September 13, 2002
Simon: Require schools to enroll, Sacramento Bee, September 10, 2002
Davis, Simon Agree to Debate Oct. 7, Los Angeles Times, September 10, 2002
Unknown candidates show their faces, San Francisco Chronicle, September 10, 2002
Low profile for health care in campaign, Sacramento Bee, September 8, 2002
Riordan write-in candidacy urged, San Francisco Chronicle, September 7, 2002
Simon: Schools deserve more control, Contra Costa Times, September 5, 2002
Gay Rights Flap Engulfs Simon, Los Angeles Times, September 4, 2002
Simon, Los Angeles Times, August 30, 2002
Davis balks at survey on issues in election, The Oakland Tribune, August 29, 2002
Simon's gay outreach angers religious right, San Francisco Chronicle, August 29, 2002
Simon focus on gay issues seen as shift toward center 'You can't be too far to the right . . . and expect to win', San Francisco Chronicle, August 28, 2002
AdWatch: Contribution swayed vote, Simon ad says, Sacramento Bee, August 24, 2002
Ad Watch: Davis' latest ad takes dig at 'old oil and gas man' Simon, Sacramento Bee, August 11, 2002
Fraud case verdict new blow to Simon $87 million award against his firm -- investment dispute, San Francisco Chronicle, August 1, 2002
Ad Watch: Davis ad distorts aspect of his opponent's charitable ventures, Sacramento Bee, July 31, 2002
Simon's aid to parents, Los Angeles Times, July 30, 2002
Ad watch: Ad hits Simon charity deals, San Francisco Chronicle, July 25, 2002
Simon says Davis has neglected poor, minorities, Sacramento Bee, July 23, 2002
Key Simon adviser a privatization pioneer, San Diego Union Tribune, July 22, 2002
Simon favors private toll roads to fill highway needs, San Diego Union Tribune, July 22, 2002
AdWatch: Davis ad touts military service, assails Simon, Sacramento Bee, July 20, 2002
Simon Campaigns in L.A., Los Angeles Times, July 18, 2002
Simon ad takes aim at budget impasse, Contra Costa Times, July 11, 2002
Simon Outlines Plan for Homeland Defense, Los Angeles Times, July 10, 2002
Ad Watch: Gray Davis, San Francisco Chronicle, July 9, 2002
Simon bashes National Guard Members not properly trained to fight terror, candidate says, San Francisco Chronicle, July 9, 2002
Veterans issues help Simon, Davis play to wider audience, Contra Costa Times, July 8, 2002
Simon downplays religious TV role, San Francisco Chronicle, July 1, 2002
Republican courts Inland voters, The Press Enterprise, June 25, 2002
AdWatch: Gray Davis, San Francisco Chronicle, June 25, 2002
Davis, Simon maneuver over drilling, Sacramento Bee, June 23, 2002
AdWatch: Simon ad hits governor on fund raising, Sacramento Bee, June 22, 2002
Oil drilling issue strikes hard, Fresno Bee, June 22, 2002
Simon vows to reform vet servies, Bakersfield Californian, June 22, 2002
AdWatch: Simon ad skews Davis' record on education, Sacramento Bee, June 21, 2002
Simon enters oil debate,Ventura County Insider, June 17, 2002
Simon calls for ban on offshore oil, San Francisco Chronicle, June 9, 2002
Simon criticizes budget, Contra Costa Times, June 5, 2002
A man of the '60s for the 21st century, Los Angeles Times, May 28, 2002
Simon's talk show exhibits his political views, San Jose Mercury News, May 26, 2002
Simon and Davis both make waves over water, San Francisco Chronicle, May 25, 2002
Voters putting education first in governor's race, San Diego Union-Tribune, April 29, 2002
Education tops list of state voter concerns, San Francisco Chronicle, April 29, 2002
At valley stop, Simon says no to tax increases, San Jose Mercury News, April 24, 2002
Simon aide may cause rift in GOP, San Francisco Chronicle, April 21, 2002
Simon, Davis spar on economy, Sacramento Bee, April 18, 2002
Simon offers few specifics as 'the candidate of ideas', Los Angeles Times, April 8, 2002
Dan Walter: As abortion plagues Simon, Davis slides around another touchy issue, Sacramento Bee, April 5, 2002
Davis' Problem: Attack ads offer high reward but carry high risk, Los Angeles Times, April 4, 2002
Governor's race turns to issue of health care, Los Angeles Times, April 3, 2002
Simon, Davis talks HMOs, Contra Costa Times, April 3, 2002
Abortion-rights groups endorse governor's bid, Sacramento Bee, March 27, 2002
Simon seeks minority group support, Sacramento Bee, March 23, 2002
Republican Simon works to define himself to California voters, Bloomberg, March 22, 2002
Daniel Weintraub: Simon offers a muddled vision of the energy future, Sacramento Bee, March 21, 2002
Gov. Davis says Simon can't hide his views on social issues, San Diego Union, March 21, 2002
Simon drops anti-gay activist after criticism, San Francisco Chronicle, March 21, 2002
Davis, Simon spar over abortion, energy, guns, Los Angeles Times, March 21, 2002


Please note: many news organizations remove articles from their web sites or put them into archives after a certain period of time; if you are interested in a particular story highlighted below, but can't access it due to a broken link, please contact us for assistance.
Lockyer's foe has one eye on a 2006 bid, The Sacramento Bee, October 25, 2002
GOP candidate for lieutenant governor seeks 'balance', The Sacramento Bee, October 25, 2002
Ballot flap in race for school chief, The Sacramento Bee, October 15, 2002
Controller hopefuls swap swipes as they vie for voters' attention, San Diego Union Tribune, October 15, 2002
Rival attacks Bustamante's office budget, Fresno Bee, October 9, 2002
Scandal echoes in insurance chief race, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, October 8, 2002
Controller Candidate Minds His Opponent's Business, Los Angeles Times, October 3, 2002
Insurance chief race grows heated, The Sacramento Bee, September 22, 2002
Keep an eye on the race for controller of California, The Sacramento Bee, September 22, 2002
The buzz: Red light for Green candidate's statement, The Sacramento Bee, August 19, 2002
State senator touts his terror bill, Stockton Record, July 24, 2002
Bruce McPherson, Fresno Bee, July 10, 2002
Rich, ambitious -- and in the race, The Sacramento Bee, June 23, 2002
No-shows may rock the vote, Orange County Register, June 2, 2002
Gays seek to change state GOP, The Sacramento Bee, April 1, 2002
Women politically missing in action, Contra Costa Times, March 24, 2002
GOP rallies round Simon, The Sacramento Bee, March 13, 2002

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