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Proposition 45

Official Title: Legislative Term Limits. Local Voter Petitions. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.






Official statewide election results are available from the Secretary of State's web site.

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Official Summary: Allows voters to submit petition signatures to permit their incumbent legislator to run for re-election(s) and serve maximum of four years beyond terms provided for in Constitution if majority of voters approves. Fiscal Impact: Unknown county costs potentially up to several hundreds of thousands of dollars biennially statewide to verify voter petition signatures; little or no state cost to track the eligibility of re-election candidates.

Web Sites



Contact Information


  Joe Camicia
555 Capitol Mall, Suite 1425
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 442-2952


  Todd McCauley
No on 45! Stop the Politicians
151 N. Sunrise Ave., Suite 901
Roseville, CA 95661

(916) 786-9400

Who Signed the Ballot Arguments




green check mark Dan Terry, President, California Professional Firefighters   green check mark Richard Riordan, Former Mayor of Los Angeles
green check mark Hank Lacayo, President, Congress of California Seniors   green check mark Lewis K. Uhler, President, National Tax Limitation Committee
green check mark Kay McVay, President, California Nurses Association   green check mark Edna Gonzalez, President, "Stop the Politicians"

News Coverage

(please note: some of the links below may no longer work, because many newspaper web sites move stories into fee-based archives after a certain amount of time)
Activists to push term limits nationwide, Oakland Tribune, March 12, 2002
New Challenge to Legislative Term Limits Vowed, Los Angeles Times, March 7, 2002
Term-limit measure may have ripple effect, San Francisco Chronicle, March 7, 2002
Attempt to limit term limits loses, San Francisco Chronicle, March 6, 2002
Primary 2002 - Davis stays neutral in term limit debate, Sacramento Bee, March 4, 2002
Mailer using Reagan quote causes furor, Los Angeles Times, March 2, 2002
Term limits have proved a debatable proposition, San Jose Mercury News, March 1, 2002
Looser term limits not likely; Poll finds voters cool to Prop. 45 changes, warming to gas tax plan, San Francisco Chronicle, March 1, 2002
Measure to loosen term limits losing ground, Sacramento Bee, March 1, 2002
Prop. 42 gains, but Prop. 45 slides further, San Diego Tribune, March 1, 2002
Prop. 45 falling, poll says; But gas tax issue getting support, Stockton Record, March 1, 2002
Nation's eyes on state's term-limit vote; McCain joins the fray over California initiative to loosen rules, San Francisco Chronicle, February 28, 2002
Davis mute about his stand on term limits measure, San Francisco Chronicle, February 27, 2002
Little-known term-limits measure hauling in big bucks, San Francisco Chronicle, February 6, 2002
Brown redux -- S.F. mayor used as symbol in term-limit drive, Sacramento Bee, February 5, 2002
Democrats spend big on Prop. 45, Sacramento Bee, February 2, 2002
Term limits become hot issue again, Orange County Register, February 3, 2002
Mayor backs term-limit tweak, puts own Senate run at risk, San Francisco Chronicle, January 7, 2002
The Eastern media strike again, rewriting the history of term limits, Sacramento Bee, January 6, 2002
Half like looser term limits, San Francisco Chronicle, December 18, 2001
GOP hopefuls oppose end to term limits, San Francisco Chronicle, December 12, 2001
Voters to decide on longer term limits, San Francisco Chronicle, October 24, 2001
March initiative could loosen up term-limits law, San Francisco Chronicle, October 2, 2001
Voters favor move to ease term limits, San Francisco Chronicle, October 2, 2001
Term-limits measure would affect districting, San Francisco Chronicle, July 13, 2001

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