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The Election Song
March 5, 2002 California Primary election

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  About the Election Song
  Rebroadcasting permission

The Election Song
March 5, 2002 California Primary election

chords: G / A / D7 / D7-F# / G

Oh, we're having an election
March 5th is the day
It's for all the people in

Lots of things are different
Many rules have changed
So if you feel a little lost
Don't think that you're to blame

This song will get you started
The rest is up to you
Democracy's a lot of work
Best left to not too few.

This election's a primary
the parties nominate
the one they think will do the best
of all their candidates

The districts were renumbered
the lines just got redrawn
your current reps may be elsewhere
when this election's done

There are lots of statewide contests
Their number totals eight
plus state and local measures
so please don't hesitate

Get out your ballot pamphlets
and gather all your friends
Cuz out here in our Golden State
the ballot never ends

If you want more information
Just log yourself online
There's so much more at calvoter-dot-org
We're o-pen all the time!

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About the Election Song

The Election Song is an 86-second folk song produced by the California Voter Foundation to help make this election more fun and engaging for voters. The file size is 1.7 megabytes and can be played with RealPlayer, Quicktime, or on any MP3 player.

The tune of the song is a traditional folk melody, adapted by Kim Alexander, who also wrote the lyrics, with the help of friends. Vocals are by Kim Alexander and Leslie DeVries, with Jackson Griffith on the guitar. Special thanks go to James Brenner, who volunteered his time and recording studio to record the song. Special thanks are also due to CVF's funders and members who make projects like this one possible!

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Rebroadcasting Permission

News organizations, radio stations and anyone else who wants to broadcast part or all of this song has permission to do so, provided that credit is given to the California Voter Foundation and the song is for reporting, public education or other noncommercial purposes.

This page first published February 22, 2002 -- final update May 10, 2002