Presidential Election

For the first time, California's Presidential Primary is being held in March rather than June. The date was changed with the hope that an earlier primary would allow California voters to have a greater voice in selecting Presidential candidates.

Competitive Presidential primaries are being held for four of California's eight parties. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian and Peace & Freedom. The American Independent, Green and Natural Law parties have only one candidate running, and their primaries are therefore uncontested. The Reform party did not field a presidential candidate in California.

Candidate List and Web Pages. Below is a list of Presidential candidates, sorted by political party, appearing on the California Primary ballot, featuring links to candidates' web pages. You may only vote for candidates who are running for the nomination of the party to which you are registered. If you are registered Independent or Decline to State, or if you are registered to a party that is not qualified in California, you may not participate in the Presidential Primary (note: Proposition 198 would significantly change California's primary election process).

Campaign Finance Data. Several Internet sites are also featuring campaign finance information about the Presidential candidates. Here's some of the best:

Questions and Answers. Several organizations have posed questions to the Presidential candidates. Take a look at:

Misc. PoliticsUSA is publishing a schedule that you can check to see if the candidates are coming to your town....confused about the Electoral College? Check out this guide from Bill Kimberling at the FEC....and, for everything you want to know about the White House, we suggest the Library of Congress' collection of sites.

There are many other sites on the Internet featuring information on the presidential election, and most of these sites have extensive links to other related sites. Here's a few to get you started:

Presidential Candidates

Democratic Party Candidates

Republican Party Candidates

American Independent Party Candidates

Libertarian Party Candidates

Peace and Freedom Party Candidates

Green Party Candidates

Natural Law Party Candidates

Reform Party Candidates

* denotes incumbent candidate

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