Written, compiled and maintained by Kim Alexander, Executive Director of the California Voter Foundation.

1996 Primary Election Server - sponsored by the Secretary of State in conjunction with Digital Equipment Corp, this site features information on candidates and measures up for consideration in the 1996 Primary election, including election night results for California's presidential primary, statewide ballot measures, and congressional, state Senate and Assembly and senate races, plus links to counties that are offering online election night results for local contests.

Absentee Voting Information - courtesy of the California Secretary of State.

American Association of Retired Persons' Presidential Voters Guide - features questions and answers with the candidates regarding medicare, social security, tax reform, long term care, and campaign finance reform.

Allpolitics - sponsored by Time and CNN, this site is devoted to political news and information.

Almanac of American Politics - published by the National Journal and featured on PoliticsUSA, this reference guide provides comprehensive information on the executive and legislative branches of the federal government, including lots of useful information about California's congressional members.

Ballot Initiative Update 1996 - a periodic update from Secretary of State Bill Jones providing the title, signature requirements, deadline and contact information for measures currently in circulation and measures already qualified.

California Journal - a monthly magazine published by Statenet Publications in Sacramento. It is widely read by Capitol insiders, and is an invaluable source of news on California government and politics. For example, the March 1996 issue includes district-by-district summaries of each legislative and congressional race in California, and the 1996 California Roster and Government Guide, featuring essential contact information about the Legislature and state government. This magazine is recommended to anyone interested in staying informed on California political news. Annual subscriptions are $37.95. Call 800-726-4566 to order your subscription, and/or to purchase the March 1996 issue.

California State Senate - Want to know how your legislator voted on a bill? Interested in finding out what kind of legislation they've offered? This site offers complete access to legislative information. You can search both Senate and Assembly bills by bill number or keyword (tip: keyword can also be the author's name).

California Voter Foundation - features links to all of CVF's major projects, like the 1995 San Francisco Online Voter Guide and Campaign Finance Database, Your Voices Count, and the 1994 California Online Voter Guide. Other resources available here include information on voter registration, political disclosure reform, campaign finance issues and background on CVF.

Campaign Finance Data from the Secretary of State - the Secretary of State's Political Reform Division publishes periodic summaries of campaign financing for legislative races and ballot measures. These reports are being being published on the Secretary of State's homepage.

Campaign Financing in 1994 California races - this report, entitled "The Great Money Chase" was written and researched by Kim Alexander and published by California Common Cause. It explores campaign finance trends in the 1994 California legislative and statewide races, and features charts that summarize fundraising statistics for all 100 legislative races and the statewide races held in 1994. If you're looking for quick and recent campaign finance statistics you will probably find some useful info in this report.

Campaign Finance Laws: FEC's Guide to Supporting Federal Candidates - Available through PoliticsUSA's page, and published by the Federal Elections Commission, this guide includes an easy-to-read, concise explanation of the federal campaign finance laws and contribution limits, including instructions on how to file a complaint with the FEC.

Center for Public Integrity's "The Buying of the President" - This book, published by Avon Books in January 1995, names the top ten lifetime patrons of all presidential candidates. The Center's accompanying web site features several databases of presidential campaign finance information, as well questions about the candidates' donors that remain unanswered.

Congressional Quarterly's American Voter '96 - Congressional Quarterly is one of the country's premiere sources of non-partisan congressional and political news coverage.

County Elections Offices Roster - need to know where your polling place is, or where to send your absentee ballot application? Your county elections office can help answer these and many more questions.

Democracy Place - offered by Soundprint Media Center and funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts, the goal of this site is to "empower all of our visitors with a better understanding of the issues and the tools with which to be heard."

Easy Reader Voter Guide - published by the Center for Civic Literacy, this guide covers the Presidential candidates and California ballot measures. Though it's geared toward adult reading students, many people have found it a helpful, quick guide to ballot issues.

ELECnet - an excellent collection of federal, state and local election sites maintained by Ed Packard at Auburn University in Alabama. If you're trying to locate election resources in other states, check this site. Ed also manages an email discussion list for election professionals.

Electionline - offered by ABC News, Washington Post and Newsweek - provides an "inside the beltway" view on this year's elections. Be sure to look for Dwight Morris' excellent campaign finance coverage while visiting.

Elections Law - here is the entire elections code for California. Any suspected violations of the election law should be reported to the Fair Political Practices Commission or your local district attorney.

Electoral College - "Understanding the Electoral College", by Bill Kimberling of the Federal Elections Commission, courtesy of PoliticsUSA.

FAIR's Media Contact List - compiled by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, this list provides contact info for national news media. Here's how to find out where to send your comments, criticisms and questions about national news coverage.

Fair Political Practices Commission - the FPPC is the California agency responsible for enforcing campaign finance laws. There's not much available at the homepage yet, but hopefully more will be available soon.

Federal Elections Commission - this site offers campaign finance information for Presidential and congressional candidates, along with lots of helpful charts and graphs.

The Gate - The San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Examiner are both available from this site. Both papers offer a free search service that allows you to search several years of back issues by keyword. You can also view entire previous editions. A great place to do political research!

Judicial Branch of California Government - from the California State Homepage (a site designed by the State Librarian and maintained by the Teale Data Center.

Kids Voting - promotes voter education in classrooms by developing special curriculum and holding mock elections. Kids Voting Silicon Valley has been active since 1992, and helps form new Kids Voting chapters in California. Kids Voting offers many volunteer opportunities for concerned citizens interested in helping children understand and appreciate the election process.

League of Women Voters of California are now on the web! The League plans to make their "Pros and Cons" on the state ballot measures available on the Internet by March 10, 1996.

Legislative District Search - If you're not sure which State Senate or Assembly district you live in, you can use this zip code search to find out - also provides biographies and contact information for your representatives.

Maps - State Senate districts - the State Senate has done a terrific service by providing these maps on the Internet - hopefully the Congressional and Assembly maps will be online soon as well.

Mercury Center - This site, offered by the San Jose Mercury News, features most of the daily paper in a well-designed layout with pull-down menus that help you navigate to different sections of the paper. Subscribers ($4.95 per month) get access to the full text of the Mercury News and wire stories, plus access to the Merc's library.

Mojo Wire's PAC database - Mother Jones magazine has collaborated with the Center for Responsive Politics to provide this excellent database. Here you can look up PAC contributions to members of Congress, and find out how much they received from each of the 15 industrial sectors that the CRP uses to classify donors.

"Morning Report" - this summary of news and editorials from California's major newspapers is prepared daily by the Senate Republicans' legislative staff - a resource that is one of the true gems of the web!

National Political Index - a giant links site offering links to thousands of political web sites.

NPR's Election Project - National Public Radio has put together a special site dedicated to the 1996 election.

News Organizations Online

California Journalism Online - sponsored by the California Newspapers Publishers Association, the Associated Press News Executives Council, California First Amendment Coalition, and the California Society of Newspaper Editors.

California Newspaper Services on the Internet this appears to be a well-maintained list of all California newspapers and links to their sites, as well as information on when new sites are due to go online.

The Newspapers Association of America


Media Online Yellow Pages - provides links to the home pages of broadcast and print media

Original Legislation - Many state ballot measures are initiatives that qualify for the ballot through petition of the voters. Others originate as legislation considered and passed by the State Legislature. Here are links to the bill folders for measures that originated as legislation:

Proposition 192 = Senate Bill 146

Proposition 193 = Assembly Constitutional Amendment 17

Proposition 194 = Senate Bill 103

Proposition 195 = Senate Bill 32

Proposition 196 = Senate Bill 9

Proposition 197 = Senate Bill 28

Proposition 203 = Assembly Bill 1168

PBS' Citizen '96 - this site is part of PBS' Democracy Project, a huge undertaking that includes special broadcasts of public forums.

Political Parties in California - California has eight qualified political parties:

American Independent




Natural Law Party

Peace and Freedom

Reform Party


PoliticsUSA - this site, sponsored by the National Journal (a subsidiary of the Times Mirror Co.) and American Political Network, publisher of four electronic news digests, including Hotline, a must-read for "inside the beltway" folks. This site is one of the best national election sites available on the web.

Project Vote Smart - these folks have created the Vote Smart Web, which offers voting records for congressional incumbents, campaign finance data from the Center for Responsive Politics, ratings by a wide variety of interest groups, and the results of their very thorough National Political Awareness Test.

The Sacramento Bee - is making its editorial positions on state ballot measures available on the web. This site also features a well-organized collection of news stories about local legislative and congressional races, and state ballot measures.

The Reporter (Vacaville/Solano County) - has a special collection of stories relating to the March primary on their web site, including articles about local races.

Republican National Convention - San Diego Union Tribune's Republican National Convention page includes a good collection of presidential campaign news stories plus some really helpful Q&A's with the candidates.

Rock the Vote - a non-partisan organization geared toward educating and