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Additions to Meta-Index:

Rock the Vote, a non-partisan organization geared toward educating and motivating young voters.

1996 Ballot Initiative Update (periodic update from the Secretary of State)

Campaign Finance Data from the Secretary of State - includes periodic summaries of campaign financing for legislative races and ballot measures. (March 21, 1996)

Los Angeles County Bar Association - Information added to Judicial Contests (March 21, 1996)

Your Voices Count, a non-partisan, civic journalism project designed to help the public get involved in the issue of how money influences the California State Legislature, has drafted a Statement of Accountability that over 140 office holders and candidates for office have signed. (March 18, 1996)

New additions to Meta Links:

The Sacramento Bee

Kids Voting

National Political Index (March 13, 1996)

Meta Links Document updated (March 11, 1996)

California Online Voter Guide Debut -- News Conference with California Secretary of State (March 5, 1996)