Once again, California voters are being asked to consider a variety of complex measures - some placed on the ballot by the State Legislature, others through petition of the voters. It takes 693,230 valid signatures to qualify an initiative constitutional amendment, and 433,269 valid signatures to qualify an initiative statute. A legislative ballot measure needs a two-thirds vote of both houses of the Legislature to qualify for the ballot; the governor's signature is not required.

The sections linked below provide concise summaries of each measure from the California Journal, plus links to information from the State Ballot Pamphlet, such as official arguments from proponents and opponents, analyses from the Legislative Analyst, and the text of each measure. We've also provided links to the home pages for ballot measure campaign committees, and links to other sites with information on the measures. In addition, you'll find news articles from California publications here, as well as campaign finance data from the Secretary of State's office. We will continue to add new ballot measure web sites as we receive them, so be sure to check back with us later.

Bond Act

Proposition 192
Seismic Retrofit Bond Act of 1996

Legislative Constitutional Amendment

Proposition 193
Property Appraisal. Exception. Grandparent-Grandchild Transfer.

Legislative Initiative Amendments

Proposition 194
Prisoners. Joint Venture Program. Unemployment Benefits. Parole.

Proposition 195
Punishment. Special Circumstances. Carjacking. Murder of Juror.

Proposition 196
Punishment for Murder. Special Circumstances. Drive-By Shootings.

Proposition 197
Amendment of the California Wildlife Protection Act of 1990 (Poposition 117). Mountain Lions.

Initiative Statutes

Proposition 198
Elections. Open Primary.

Proposition 199
Limits on Mobilehome Rent Control. Low-Income Rental Assistance.

Proposition 200
No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance.

Proposition 201
Attorneys' Fees. Shareholder Actions. Class Actions.

Proposition 202
Attorneys' Contingent Fees. Limits.

Bond Act

Proposition 203
Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 1996

November 1996 Ballot Measures

Californians for Political Reform (campaign finance reform measure).

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