The California Voter Foundation has been publishing the California Online Voter Guide since 1994. Over the years, the guide has grown both in size and popularity. CVF is proud to be among the handful of pioneering organizations with a long track record of developing the Internet as a tool for voter education. Because we believe the Internet is an important accountability tool as well, we've archived every voter guide we've ever produced. Here they are...

1998 Primary Online Voter Guide

The 1998 Primary Election guide features information on California's 52 congressional races,
100 state legislative races, nine statewide office races, and nine state ballot measures.

1996 General Election Online Voter Guide

This state-of-the-art voter guide is loaded with information about the 1996 General Election,
including California congressional and legislative candidates, the 15 statewide ballot measures,
the Presidential election and local races. The guide also features "Late Contribution Watch".

1996 Primary Online Voter Guide

Highlights of the 1996 Primary Online Voter Guide include the Meta-Index,
a compilation of local and state election results, and lots of information
on the statewide ballot measures.

1995 San Francisco Online Voter Guide

CVF produced this 1995 voter guide in partnership with the San Francisco Registrar of Voters
and Digital Equipment Corporation. CVF and Digital developed the guide and its campaign finance database
to show how electronic filing laws can improve public access to political disclosure records.

1994 General Election Online Voter Guide

This voter guide was the first published by CVF, with support from Pacific Bell's Knowledge Network.
One of the first voter resources ever available on the Internet, the '94 voter guide was originally built
as a gopher site and was republished as a web site in May, 1998.

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