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California has 52 representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives - more than any other state. Each member of the House represents about 540,000 people and is elected to a two-year term. There are currently no term limits in effect for federal elected officials. House members earn an annual salary of $130,700. California also has two seats in the United States Senate, one of which is up for election this year.

This voter guide will help you get started in preparing to make an informed choice on November 3, 1998. For each district we have compiled a list of the candidates, their party affiliation and contact information, including links to campaign email addresses and web sites, where voters can find more information about the candidates, such as position papers, endorsements, and information about how to get involved with the campaign.

The California Voter Foundation promotes the use of the Internet as a voter education tool because it provides an affordable way for candidates to communicate with voters, and may help level the political playing field between those candidates who have access to private funds to finance their campaigns and those who do not.

We encourage voters to review campaign literature carefully, ask lots of questions, and to seek additional information about elections in your area from local news organizations. Most of all, remember that you can "just hit mute" if you're tired of all the commercials and soundbites.

If you're not sure which district you live in, the California Voter Foundation has compiled some information to help you find out. CVF's page of Other Great Voter Resources features web sites where you can find additional information about the congressional races. -- KA

this page first published October 6, 1998

last updated October 6, 1998

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