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Dan Lungren, the Republican Party's candidate for Governor, and Gray Davis, the Democratic Party's candidate, have met for four debates this election season.

All four of the debates are available on video at the LA Times election website (requires Real Player).

Transcripts for each of the gubernatorial debates can be found at The Democracy Network's website (links below). In addition to providing these transcripts, Dnet has invited minor party candidates to share their views through it's Digital Debates project. Minor party candidates have been given the opportunity to answer the same questions asked of Davis and Lungren and most candidates have participated.

Minor party candidates for governor include:

The following chart includes details about each debate as well as links to the transcripts:





Debate #1


San Diego

California Manufacturers Association, and California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

Debate #2



KFSN-TV of Fresno, the Fresno Bee, the Western Growers Association, the Fresno City and County Convention and Visitors Bureau, and CSU Fresno

Debate #3



CSUS, the California Business Roundtable and the California Chamber of Commerce

Debate #4


San Francisco

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, and the San Francisco Labor Council


Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, Barbara Boxer, and Republican candidate Matt Fong, have scheduled two debates during the General Election. The first debate was sponsored by KCAL-TV and was held in their studios in Los Angeles on August 26th. The debate was moderated by Pat Harvey and featured questions from a panel of three journalists -- Dave Bryan, political reporter for KCAL-TV; Rick Orlov, reporter for the Daily News - Los Angeles; and Michelle DeArmond, Associated Press.

A transcript of this debate can be found on the Democracy Network's website.

The second (and likely final) debate was held Monday, October 12, in San Francisco and was hosted and broadcast live by KRON-TV. The hour-long debate was also sponsored by the San Francisco Chronicle's Voice of the Voter project, and KQED-FM.

Watch both debates on video at the LA Times website (requires Real Player).


On September 22nd, the California Society of Association Executives hosted a debate on three of the twelve ballot measures that will appear on the November ballot -- propositions 5, 8 and 10. The debate, dubbed "Ballot '98 -- Toe to Toe" and held at the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento, featured the main proponenets and opponents of each of these measures.

Archived audio of the debate is available through the Democracy Network.

Other details regarding the debate and its sponsor can be found on the CSAE website.

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