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Prop. 1
Property Taxes.

Prop. 1A
Class Size Reduction.
Public Education Facilities Bond.

Prop. 2
Transportation Funding.

Prop. 3
Partisan Presidential Primary Elections.

Prop. 4
Trapping Practices.

Prop. 5
Tribal-State Gaming Compacts.

Prop. 6
Prohibition on Slaughter of Horses.

Prop. 7
Air Quality.

Prop. 8
Public Schools.

Prop. 9
Electric Utilities.

Prop. 10
Early Childhood Development Programs. Tobacco Surtax.

Prop. 11
Local Sales and Use Taxes.
In these pages you will find summaries of each measure, including brief pro and con arguments, campaign contact information, and links to other important resources where voters can find more information.

The California 1998 General Election ballot features twelve ballot measures, also known as propositions. Voters decide if ballot measures become law or not. You do not have to vote on every ballot measure -- you can vote on just the ones that are important to you. There may also be ballot measures for your local area.

State ballot measures are assigned numbers by the Secretary of State. Due to a law passed by the Legislature in 1996, the ballot measure numbering begins anew this election. The 1998 General Election ballot starts with Proposition 1, and ends with Proposition 11. Local ballot measures are assigned letters rather than numbers.

Five of the measures (Props 1, 1A, 2, 3, and 11) were placed on the ballot by the Legislature. The remaining seven (Props 4 - 10) are initiative measures that were placed on the ballot through petition signatures from California voters. To qualify an initiative statute, proponents must gather about 433,000 signatures. To qualify an initiative constitutional amendment, proponents must gather about 693,000 signatures.

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