Official Title: Prohibition on Slaughter of Horses and Sale of
Horsemeat for Human Consumption.

Official election results are available from the Secretary of State


59.4 %


40.6 %



The way it is now:
In California it is legal to kill horses to be used as food for humans and for use in pet food. Also, horses can be sent from California to other states to be killed for use as human food.

What Prop. 6 would do: Make it a crime in California to sell or own horses as food for humans or to sell horsemeat as human food. Also, horses could not be sent out of California to other states to be killed for this use. This includes ponies, burros, and mules.

What it would cost: There could be some cost to enforce this law, but it would probably be small.





Horses are animals for enjoyment, recreation, and sport.

Horses are killed in cruel ways. Laws protect dogs and cats; laws should protect horses, too.
This law does not stop the killing of horses for pet food.

People who want to sell unwanted horses for slaughter should be able to do so, rather than desert or neglect them.


Save the Horses
Committee ID # 970278
3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Suite 166
Studio City, CA 91604
phone: (415) 273-6070

Committee for Proposition 6, sponsored by the Humane Farming Action Fund
Committee ID# 982659
76 Belvedere Street, Suite B
San Rafael, CA 94901
phone: (415) 485-1495

Just Say Neigh!
c/o Ted Brown, Libertarian Party
Po Box 5362
Pasadena, CA 91117
phone: (626) 578-8454

WHO SIGNED THE OFFICIAL BALLOT PAMPHLET ARGUMENTS Gini Richardson, Legislative Chair, California State Horsemen's Association; Michael D. Bradbury, Ventura County District Attorney; William J. Hemby, Legislative Chair, California Organization of Police and Sheriffs (COPS). Ted Brown, Past Chair, Libertarian Party of California; Thomas Tryon, Calaveras County Supervisor; Joseph Farina, Attorney.


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