Many other organizations in addition to the California Voter Foundation are providing voters with the information needed to make informed decisions on election day. Below are CVF's recommendations for other voter resources, on the Internet as well as through other media.

Nonprofit organizations

News organizations

California government web sites

Judicial election guides

Other election resources


Alliance for Better Campaigns:


The Alliance for Better Campaigns seeks to improve elections by promoting high standards for candidate accountability, media coverage and citizen engagement. Go to the web site to read political issue briefs and case studies, or to learn more about Alliance projects and partners.


California Budget Project:



The California Budget Project presents a comprehensive analysis of several ballot measures, with a focus on budgetary issues and the fiscal impact of each measure.


Center for Responsive Politics:



The Center for Responsive Politics offers summary campaign finance data for each US Senate and Congressional candidate in California, including a listing of top contributors, PAC vs. individual donor split, and in-state vs. out-of-state contribution totals.


The Democracy Network:



The Democracy Network takes an innovative approach to providing election information, allowing statewide candidates to participate in "digital debates" by uploading their positions on a variety of issues directly into Democracy Net's database.


League of Women Voters:


The League offers visitors a series of voting questions and answers, as well as criteria for evaluating ballot propositions and a helpful explanation of the initiative process, available in both English and Spanish. Other resources include ballot measure pros and cons and the Easy Reading Voter Guide, which provides several tips to make voting more easy and understandable, and was produced in partnership with the California Voter Foundation and other organizations.


Project Vote Smart:



The Vote Smart Web is your nonpartisan resource for voting records, performance evaluations, campaign finance data and issue positions for state and federal elected officials. The site also features a district finder service that allows you to look up legislative and congressional districts by typing in your zip code.


Smart Voter:


Smart Voter, a collaborative effort headed by the League of Women Voters, offers specialized information on local races and issues for twelve California counties. Visitors to the web site can customize a ballot, browse local candidate statements, or link to other county election resources.

Web, White & Blue:

  The Web, White & Blue campaign to increase awareness of election resources on the Internet is gaining steam -- over 900 web sites now display the Web, White & Blue logo, which directs Internet users to an index of national and state election information.


California Channel's Free Airtime Project:


The Free Airtime Project gives all candidates for statewide office free airtime on the California Channel. Video clips of the candidate interviews, which continue to air on the cable station, are available at the web site.


California Report:



The California Report is broadcast over the airwaves through KQED-FM in San Francisco. Visitors to the web site can view a broadcast schedule, order tapes and transcripts of old reports, or contact California Report staff.


Election Connection
(So. California):


News articles, an archive of election coverage, and links to local news organizations are just a few of the things Orange County voters will find at this collaborative site. The recorded candidate statements (Santa Monica local races) and ballot measure summaries are particularly informative, as is the collection of election-related polls.


Los Angeles Times:


The L.A. Times features special coverage of the race for governor on their web site, including an issues section and video archives of the gubernatorial and senate debates. Other features include opinion polls and ratings of political ads.




The PBS Democracy Project's comprehensive "Election '98" web site provides citizens with up-to-date campaign information, candidate voting records, a forum for the dissection of political ads and a host of other resources.


Rough & Tumble:


Updated daily, Jack Kavanaugh's political report summarizes and posts political stories from California newspapers, and is a "must read" for those looking for an insider's view of Capitol politics and the latest election news from around the state. The site includes an extensive collection of election-related articles and links to a wide variety of news organizations.

Sacramento Bee:

  The Bee's Campaign 98 web site offers political news and commentary, campaign ads and analyses, election-related polling information, a campaign forum, and online discussions with candidates for statewide office.

San Diego Union Tribune:

  Look to the Union Tribune's election guide for an extensive collection of news articles, political party links, and coverage of local election issues.


San Francisco Chronicle & Examiner:

  SF Gate has launched Election '98, including online conferences on three election-related topics, Chronicle endorsements, an archive of election news reports, and links to KRON TV's ad watch series and Gubernatorial, US Senate and Superintendent of Public Instruction debate coverage.



San Jose Mercury News:

  The Mercury News election web site features a collection of news stories on state and local elections, as well as links to candidate and election sites.

State Net/California Journal:

  State Net's Election 98 offers state-by-state election news and analysis, including in-depth reporting from the California Journal on California's propositions and hot races. The California Voter Foundation has been proud to feature the Journal's analyses in previous editions of this voter guide.


The California Homepage:


The state's official homepage links you to state agencies and elected officials, and provides a wealth of information about California's government, culture and history.


California State Assembly:



The Assembly's official web site includes homepages for members, information on committees, caucuses and hearings, a "how to find your district" section, the legislative calendar and information about current legislation.


California State Senate:



At the Senate's web site you will find links to Senators' homepages, ballot measure information from the Senate Office of Research, a searchable archive of current and prior session legislation and tips on how to participate in the lawmaking process.


Official Ballot Pamphlet:


The official ballot pamphlet from the Secretary of State includes a brief summary of each of the measures on the November ballot, as well as statements from the candidates running for statewide offices. Also included in the pamphlet is a list of certified candidates, a judicial election guide, information on county elections, and statements from political parties.


Secretary of State:



The Secretary of State's web site contains a section for each of its various divisions, including Political Reform, Elections, Executive Office, Business Programs, Information Technology, and the State Archives. You can also contact your Local Elections Office and look up your polling place (not all counties) here.


Secretary of State's
Guide to Judicial Elections:


The Secretary of State's Judicial Election Guide offers background information on California's court system, biographical data on all of the candidates running for seats in the six appellate court districts in California, and appellate district maps.


League of Women Voter's Guide to Judicial Elections:



Prepared in collaboration with the U.C. Davis Political Science Department, the California Voter Foundation and other organizations, this guide features an explanation of the California court system and a helpful chart showing the hierarchy of the courts.


California Courts:



The official California Courts homepage describes in detail the history and purpose of the various types of courts in the state, and provides information on a wide range of topics relating to our judicial system.



CVF's Election Links Bulletin Board:

  Visit the California Voter Foundation's Election Links Bulletin Board for a listing of links to local campaigns and political organizations across California.


Political Access.com:


This site caters to California's press and political consultants, and includes a huge collection of links to news organizations, political and election sites, and state and federal government homepages.

Politics Online:



At Politics Online, which offers Internet tools for politics, visitors can read national news articles on politics and the Internet, or sign up to receive the NetPulse newsletter.

E-mail us at info@calvoter.org if you'd like to suggest an election-related link to be added to this site, or enter your link on our Election Links Bulletin Board.

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