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In these pages you will find a list of the statewide races and candidates who are running in each race. The California Voter Foundation surveyed all statewide candidates and has compiled information for each candidate, including their photo, occupation, contact information with links to email addresses and web sites, and the candidate's top three priorities if elected. Simply click on the candidate's name to find more information. Also available are job descriptions and salaries for each office and links to the candidates' Ballot Pamphlet statements.

Each statewide page features a link to "Follow the Money", where you can research the contributions received by statewide candidates. We've also linked to the California Channel's 5-minute interviews with all the statewide candidates, available for viewing on the Web with RealPlayer. We are also happy to make available, for the first time ever, archived campaign material - including platform papers, speeches and news releases - for those candidates who ran statewide in 1994 and provided content for CVF's 1994 General Election Online Voter Guide. This kind of archived campaign material would not be possible without the Internet, and we hope it will help voters and journalists do a better job of judging whether politicians have kept their campaign promises. -- KA

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