The California Voter Foundation has compiled this California Campaign Web Site Index, which features the names and urls for every campaign web site linked to from our voter guide. (Note: this list does not include urls for local campaigns.) Web sites are grouped by contest and then by the candidates' last names. You can find links to local campaign sites in CVF's Election Links Bulletin Board, where many local candidates have entered their contact information and web addresses.

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Statewide Campaign Websites:

Adam, Iris, (NL), Controller:
Alioto, Michela, (Dem), Secretary of State:
Amir, Sara, (Gre), Lt. Governor:
Angelides, Phil, (Dem), Treasurer:
Barrales, Ruben, (Rep), Controller:
Beltran, Ophie, (P&F), US Senate:
Bialosky, Jane, (NL), Secretary of State:
Bloomfield, Harold, (NL), Governor:
Bourdette, Barbara, (NL), Insurance Commissioner:
Boxer, Barbara, (Dem), US Senate:
Brown, Ted, (Lib), US Senate:
Bustamante, Cruz, (Dem), Lt. Governor:
Connell, Kathleen, (Dem), Controller:
Davis, Gray, (Dem), Governor:
Eastin, Delaine, (Non-partisan), Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Erich, Timothy R., (Ref), US Senate:
Evans, Robert J., (P&F), Attorney General:
Farina, Joseph S., (Lib), Attorney General:
Feuer, Israel, (P&F), Secretary of State:
Fong, Matt, (Rep), US Senate:
Gomez, Jaime Luis, (P&F), Lt. Governor:
Hamburg, Dan, (Gre), Governor:
Jones, Bill, (Rep), Secretary of State:
Kaiser, Edmon V., (AI), Treasurer:
Kubby, Steve, (Lib), Governor:
La Riva, Gloria Estela, (P&F), Governor:
Leslie, Tim, (Rep), Lt. Governor:
Lightfoot, Gail, (Lib), Secretary of State:
Lockyer, Bill, (Dem), Attorney General:
Lungren, Dan, (Rep), Governor:
Mangia, Jim, (Ref), Lt. Governor:
Martinez, Diane, (Dem), Insurance Commissioner:
Ogden, Dale, (Lib), Insurance Commissioner:
Petersen, Jon, (Lib), Treasurer:
Pringle, Curt, (Rep), Treasurer:
Quackenbush, Chuck, (Rep), Insurance Commissioner:
Ramos, Gary R., (P&F), Insurance Commissioner:
Rees, Brian, (NL), US Senate:
Sharpe-Geisler, Valli, (Ref), Secretary of State:
Short, Merton D., (AI) , Insurance Commissioner:
Short, Carolyn Rae, (AI), Secretary of State:
Stirling, Dave, (Rep), Attorney General:
Templin, Diane Beall, (AI), Attorney General:
Tryon, Thomas M., (Lib), Lt. Governor:
Tuchman, Gloria Matta, (Non-partisan), Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Tucker, Jan, (P&F), Treasurer:

Ballot Measure Campaign Websites:

California Children and Families Initiative, FOR Proposition 10:
Californians against Utility Taxes (CUT), FOR Proposition 9:
Californians for Clean Air, FOR Proposition 7:
Californians for Indian Self-Reliance, FOR Proposition 5:
Californians for Smaller Classes, FOR Proposition 8:
Californians for Yes on Proposition 1A:
Coalition Against Unregulated Gambling, AGAINST Proposition 5:
Committee Against Unfair Taxes, AGAINST Proposition 10:
Just Say Neigh!, AGAINST Proposition 6:
No on 4/Californians for People, Pets and Wildlife:
No on 9 Coalition:
No on Prop 1A:
Parents, Teachers, Cops and Taxpayers Against Prop 8:
People's Advocate, AGAINST Proposition 1A:
Protect Pets and Wildlife, FOR Proposition 4:
Save the Horses, FOR Proposition 6:
Taxpayers Against Corporate Welfare, AGAINST Proposition 7:
Yes on 7 No on 9:

Congressional Campaign Websites:

Acker, Bruce R., (Lib), CD25:
Allison, Lawrence, (NL), CD28:
Armoudian, Maria
, (Gre), CD26:
Avalos, Christina, (Dem), CD47:
Baird, Jesse, (Lib), CD11:
Bakhaus, Robert, (Lib), CD22:
Ball, Charles, (Rep), CD10:
Barreca, Alan R., (NL), CD06:
Barrett, Robin, (Gre), CD36:
Beylikjian, Karnig, (NL), CD13:
Bordonaro, Tom, (Rep), CD22:
Bowers, David, (Lib), CD38:
Braden, Roberts "Rob", (Dem), CD02:
Brown, George, (Dem), CD42:
Campbell, Tom
, (Rep), CD15:
Conaway, Robert "Bob", (Dem), CD40:
Courtney, Phill, (Gre), CD43:
Dehn, III, Joseph, (Lib), CD14:
Dooley, Cal, (Dem), CD20:
Dornan, Robert "Bob", (Rep), CD46:
Dunn, Sandie, (Dem), CD03 :
Eshoo, Anna, (Dem), CD14:
Evans, Jr., Robert "Bob", (Rep), CD12:
Farr, Sam, (Dem), CD17:
Figueroa, Robert L., (Dem), CD11:
Gordon, Barry A., (Dem), CD27:
Gottlieb, Mike, (Rep), CD29:
Groom, A. "Cecy" R., (Dem), CD39:
Hartley, Scott R., (NL), CD17:
Haugen, John C. "Chris"
, (Rep), CD14:
Hoffman, Randy, (Rep), CD24:
Hollist, David Lynn, (Lib), CD42:
Janlois, Valerie, (NL), CD10:
Jones, Jr., Ernest K., (P&F), CD01:
Kehoe, Christine T., (Dem), CD49:
Kripke, Dan, (Dem), CD51:
Lane, Dick, (Dem), CD15:
Lantos, Tom, (Dem), CD12:
Luce, Mark, (Rep), CD01:
Mathews, Peter, (Dem), CD38:
Mayben, Maurice, (Lib), CD40:
McAuliffe, Ken, (Rep), CD06:
McCartney, Clark K., (Write-In, Dem), CD52:
McKeon, Howard "Buck", (Rep), CD25:
Miles, Sharon K., (NL), CD48:
Miller, Erich D., (Lib), CD24:
Miller, Gary G., (Rep), CD41:
Mills, Raymond O., (Ref), CD47:
Moloney, Michael, (Lib), CD12:
Napolitano, Grace Flores, (Dem), CD34:
Neal, Patricia W., (Dem), CD45:
Nelson, Janice M., (Dem), CD28:
Ose, Doug, (Rep), CD03:
Packard, Ron, (Rep), CD48:
Parker, Patricia, (Rep), CD30:
Pelton, Adrienne, (NL), CD52:
Perez, Ed, (Rep), CD34:
Pirozzi, Elia, (Rep), CD42:
Place, John, (Ref), CD10:
Reece, Norman H., (Rep), CD07:
Rogan, James E., (Rep), CD27:
Ros, Juan Carlos, (Lib), CD26:
Sanchez, Loretta, (Dem), CD46:
Shapiro, David, (Dem), CD04:
Sheasby, Walt Contreras, (Gre), CD28:
Sherman, Brad, (Dem), CD24:
Shroyer, Ralph, (P&F), CD24:
Smithstein, David, (NL), CD08:
Strutner, Frank, (NL), CD15:
Tauscher, Ellen O.
, (Dem), CD10 :
Thayn, Horace Eugene, (Rep), CD16:
Thiessen, Patrice, (NL), CD02:
Unruh, Cliff, (Rep), CD20:
Winterrowd, Dan, (Lib), CD04:

State Legislative Campaign Websites:

Allison, Louise, (NL), AD59:
Alquist, Elaine White
, (Dem), AD22:
Baldwin, Steve, (Rep), AD77:
Bersohn, David, (Lib), AD33:
Brydon, Charles W., (Dem), AD15:
Carlan, Al, (Lib), AD54:
Christiansen, Christian P., (Dem), AD59:
Corbett, Ellen M., (Dem), AD18:
Correa, Lou, (Dem), AD69:
Corvalan, Philip
, (Ref), AD44:
Cox, Dave
, (Rep), AD05:
Crump, Sam, (Rep), AD01:
Cunneen, Jim, (Rep), AD24:
Dahl, Eric, (NL), AD35:
Davis, Susan A., (Dem), AD76:
Desio, Mark , (Dem), SD04:
Dickerson, Richard "Dick", (Dem), AD02:
Donner, Neal, (Lib), SD28:
Dorsey, Stephen C., (Lib), AD74:
Du Long, Patrick, (Rep), AD23:
Eggers, Bill, (Rep), AD53:
Elizondo, Pamela, (P&F), AD01:
Escobar, Irma, (Rep), AD62:
Faegre, Leland Thomas, (Lib), AD60:
Fiqueroa, Liz, (Dem), SD10:
Frazier, Gene, (Lib), AD05:
Gentsch, Aditi, (NL), AD74:
Gruendl, Scott, (Dem), AD03:
Hawkins, Phil, (Rep), AD56:
Hickey, Jack, (Write-in, Lib), AD21:
Imperial, Jay T., (Rep), AD49:
Jhin, K. Paul, (Rep), AD41:
Joahannessen, K. Maurice, (Rep), SD04:
Jordan, John, (Rep), SD02:
Kawczynski, Stan, (Rep), AD22:
Keeley, Fred, (Dem), AD27:
Klass, Gerald, (Lib), SD06:
Klemm, Gordon, (Rep), SD18:
Knott, Asha, (Rep), SD28:
LaCorte, Ken, (Rep), AD44:
Lempert, Ted, (Dem), AD21:
Lowenthal, Alan, (Dem), AD54:
Marsland, Steve, (Lib), AD19:
Matsuda, Mike, (Dem), AD68:
McKenzie, Bruce J., (Lib), AD56:
Nakano, George, (Dem), AD53:
Norberg, Mark, (Dem), AD04:
Nowicki, Carol Fickenscher, (Rep), AD18:
Oller, Rico, (Rep), AD04:
Ortiz, Deborah V., (Dem), SD06:
Payton, Allen, (Rep), AD11:
Quackenbush, Chris
, (Rep), SD06:
Ray, Jack, (Lib), SD18:
Ross, Kelley L., (Lib), AD40:
Sanchez, Bob, (Rep), AD07:
Smart, Jay, (Rep), AD17:
Soto, Nell, (Dem), AD61:
Starr, Linda, (Lib), SD20:
Stokes, Phil, (Dem), AD24:
Strong, Ray, (Lib), AD24:
Teyssier, Edward M., (Lib), AD76:
Thompson, Toni, (Rep), AD08:
Woods, Kate, (Lib), AD28:

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