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June 2, 1998:
Live Election Returns on the Internet
May 29, 1998: Last-minute tips for California voters
May 27, 1998: California Journal Reviews Online -- List of Online Voter Guide contents
May 26, 1998: Help spread the word about CVF's voter guide!
May 21, 1998: Late Contributions now online
May 15, 1998: CA Ballot Propositions Campaign Finance Data now on the Net
May 5, 1998: 1998 California Online Voter Guide Debuts on the Net

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About this Election

The purpose of the June 2, 1998 primary election is to narrow down your choice of candidates to one per party for each elected office. The winners will be chosen in the general election in November. The June 2 election will be California's first open primary. Candidates will be selected in a different way. In past primary elections, voters would get ballots that only had candidates from their political party. Now, you will get a ballot that lists all of the candidates from all of the parties. You can vote for anyone you choose, even if they are not from your party. For each office, the person who gets the most votes from each party will be on the Fall ballot. The offices you will be voting on are:

U.S. Senator
Seven other statewide offices
Board of Equalization
U.S. Congress
State Senate
State Assembly
Various local offices

In this election, you also will be asked to vote yes or no on nine ballot measures that could change state laws. You do not have to vote on everything. Choose the things that interest you and learn more about them. If you like, you can vote by mail. Just apply for an 'absentee ballot' using the form that comes with your Sample Ballot. If you want to vote in person, your polling place will be open from 7 am to 8 pm on election day.

About the California Voter Foundation

The California Voter Foundation (CVF) is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization applying new technologies to provide the public with free, timely and convenient access to the information needed to participate in public life in a meaningful way. Since 1994, CVF has produced and published a "one-stop-shop" Internet source for the California voter. For more information about CVF and our past projects, please visit the main page of our web site at http://www.calvoter.org.

About the California Online Voter Guide

The 1998 Primary California Online Voter Guide is the fourth edition of CVF's statewide Internet voter guide, covering statewide races, ballot measures and legislature and congressional races. This guide provides quick access to vital information and links in a useful, time-saving format -- an essential bookmark for any online voter or journalist.

CVF is grateful to the many organizations and people who helped make this guide possible. District profiles were compiled by UC Davis students through a partnership with CVF and the Department of Political Science and the UC Davis SunTREC lab. District maps appear courtesy of the Institute for Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley. The California Journal, a Statenet publication, has provided CVF with its excellent, independent coverage of state races and measures. The Guide to Judicial Elections was produced in cooperation with the League of Women Voters of California and the University of California at Davis. CVF's summary and pro/con information on ballot measures was written by Susan Clark at the Center for Civic Literacy, and edited by Mac Taylor of the Legislative Analyst's Office, Rebecca LaVally of the Senate office of Research, and Lois Martyns of the League of Women voters of California.

Statewide candidate material and top priorities were provided directly by the candidates, in response to CVF's questionnaire. Legislative, congressional and Board of Equalization candidate contact information was obtained from the Secretary of State's Certified List of Candidates, and directly by the candidates in response to requests from CVF.

Candidates in this site are featured alphabetically within each party. Parties are listed in the order they appear in the Certified List of Candidates.

Thanks to our funders!

This guide was made possible through generous financial support from the following organizations:

The Rockefeller Family Fund

The Piper Fund

The Columbia Foundation

The Pew Center for Civic Journalism


Site Editor, Producer and Director: Kim Alexander

Editorial assistants: Saskia Mills, Guy William Welch, Susan Clark

Brian Wallace, Guy William Welch, Larry Conlin

UC Davis Academic Advisor:
Professor Geoffrey Wandesforde-Smith

Graphic Art:
Guy William Welch, Kim Alexander, Jennifer Fay, Larry Conlin

Content collection and verification:
Cheryl Attubato, Saskia Mills, Kim Alexander

Site editing and proofing:
Saskia Mills, Bob Stanton, Kim Alexander

Special Thanks from the Editor of the California Online Voter Guide

This guide is a true labor of love and is the result of hundreds of hours of work. I am especially grateful to Saskia Mills, Guy Welch, Geoffrey Wandesforde-Smith, Brian Wallace, Larry Conlin, Bob Stanton, and the one hundred-plus students at UC Davis for all their hard work and dedication. The voters of California owe all of you a true debt of gratitude, as do I :).

-- Kim Alexander, President, California Voter Foundation.

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