Ballot Measures

Bonds: Prop 204, Prop 205, and Prop 206

Tort Reform: Prop 207, Prop 211 and Prop 213

Campaign Finance: Prop 208 and Prop 212

Affirmative Action: Prop 209

Minimum Wage: Prop 210

HMO Regulation: Prop 214 and Prop 216

Medical Marijuana: Prop 215

Tax the Rich: Prop 217

Local Taxes: Prop 218

Congressional Races

Congressional Districts 1-10

Congressional Districts 11-20

Congressional Districts 21-30

Congressional Districts 31-40

Congressional Districts 41-52

Senate Races

Senate Districts 1-19

Senate Districts 21-39

Assembly Races

Assembly Districts 1-10

Assembly Districts 11-20

Assembly Districts 21-30

Assembly Districts 31-40

Assembly Districts 41-50

Assembly Districts 51-60

Assembly Districts 61-70

Assembly Districts 71-80


Ballot Measures

Proposition 192: Seismic Retrofit Bond Act of 1996. Legislative Constitutional Amendment

Proposition 193: Property Appraisal. Exception. Grandparent-Grandchild Transfer. Legislative Initiative Amendmen

Proposition 194: Prisoners. Joint Venture Program. Unemployment Benefits. Parole.

Proposition 195: Punishment. Special Circumstances. Carjacking. Murder of Juror.

Proposition 196: Punishment for Murder. Special Circumstances. Drive-By Shootings.

Proposition 197: Amendment of the California Wildlife Protection Act of 1990 (Proposition 117). Mountain Lions. Initiative Statutes.

Proposition 198: Elections. Open Primary.

Proposition 199: Limits on Mobilehome Rent Control. Low-Income Rental Assistance.

Proposition 200: No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance.

Proposition 201: Attorneys' Fees. Shareholder Actions. Class Actions.

Proposition 202: Attorneys' Contingent Fees. Limits. Bond Act

Proposition 203: Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 1996


Ballot Measures

Proposition 181: Passenger Rail And Clean Air Bond Act of 1994.

Proposition 183: Recall Election -- State Officers.

Proposition 184: Sentence Enhancement. Repeat Offenders.

Proposition 185: Public Transportation Trust Funds. Gasoline Sales Tax.

Proposition 186: Health Services. Taxes.

Proposition 187: Illegal Aliens. Ineligibility for public services.

Proposition 188: Smoking and Tobacco Products. Local Preemption. Statewide Regulation.

Statewide Races

U.S. Senator -- Feinstein vs. Huffington: Wealth battles wealth in the race for U.S. Senate

Can Pete Wilson be California's "Comeback Kid"?

Lieutenant Governor -- Democrat Gray Davis and Republican Cathie Wright vie to serve a heartbeat

Attorney General -- Two distinctly different attorneys see themselves as "top cop"

Secretary of State -- Veteran lawmaker, acting secretary vie to replace March Fong Eu

Controller -- Republican veteran Tom McClintock takes on Democratic newcomer Kathleen Connell

Treasurer -- Two political up and comers vie to become the state's banker

Superintendant of Public Instruction -- DiMarco, Eastin tangle for the job of schools' chief

Insurance Commissioner -- Quackenbush and Torres have differing views of a job designed to ride hard on a large but arcane industry

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