"Which districts do I live in?"

If you're not sure which districts you live in, you're not alone. Many voters have no idea which elective districts they live in or who represents them. The fact that there are so many representatives on several different levels of government only complicates matters further.

The California Voter Foundation has some tips to help you find out which State Senate, Assembly and Congressional districts you live in:

Use an Online Zip Code Search

Project Vote Smart's district finder allows you to look up both congressional and state legislative districts by typing in your zip code. If your zip code is represented by more than one district, the system will help you determine your 4-digit zip code extension and use it to return an accurate listing of your districts.

Another zip code search engine is available through the
California Legislative Counsel. This one allows you to look up your State Senate and Assembly districts by entering your zip code. The Zipper is another site that offers a way to find your Congressional representatives and districts by zip code.

In some cases, a zip code search will turn up more than one district in the same zip code- if this happens, consult your ballot or call your County Elections Office to determine which districts you live in.

Consult your sample ballot

Your County Elections Office sends you a Sample Ballot that tells you which contests will appear on your ballot. You can use your Sample Ballot to identify many of your elective districts.

Look at the Secretary of State's County Election Offices web page

This compilation from the Secretary of State provides contact information for each of California's 58 County Election Offices, including web addresses when available. You can call the office in your county and ask them to tell you which districts you live in.

Use the Online Voter Guide Search Engine

If you know the name of a candidate running in your area, but not the district number,
you can search the voter guide by the candidate's name to locate their district.

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