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California Data

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  One of the most important resources voters need to make informed choices on Election Day is campaign finance data. Voters who "follow the money" can quickly find out which interest groups are backing a particular candidate or proposition.

The California Voter Foundation is dedicated to helping the public gain timely access to reliable campaign finance disclosure data, and has been at the forefront of the movement to advance Internet disclosure of these crucial public records since 1995. (For more information about CVF's efforts in this area, visit the Digital Sunlight and Campaign Disclosure Project web sites.)

Voters now have access to more online disclosure resources than ever before. On this page you will find a directory of CVF's "Follow the Money" projects, as well as links to other recommended web sites offering reliable, nonpartisan disclosure data.

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California Data (Propositions, legislative races, statewide officers, state parties & PACs, lobbyist disclosure)

California's Online Disclosure Act requires state candidates who raise or spend $50,000 or more to disclose their campaign finance reports over the Internet with the Secretary of State. Once filed electronically, the Secretary of State immediately places these records on the Internet. California's online disclosure program is called "CAL-ACCESS", and much more information about this program is available from the Secretary of State's web site.

  Top Ten Donors to California Propositions for the November 2002 general election
  CAL-ACCESS -- Official Campaign Finance Disclosure Reports from the Secretary of State
  2002 Campaign Filing Schedule -- from the Secretary of State
  Top Ten Donors to California Propositions for the March 2002 Primary Election -- Updated through March 1, 2002
  Proposition 34: Changes to California Campaign Finance Law (from the FPPC)
  Statements of Economic Interest for California legislators -- from the Center for Public Integrity (in PDF)
  Secretary of State Bill Jones' report to the Legislature on CAL-ACCESS, June 2001
  CVF's April 2001 memo to the Secretary of State -- regarding improvements to CAL-ACCESS
  CVF's list of the Top 25 Contributions Received by Candidates for Governor, 1/1/01 - 6/30/01

Historical State Data

CVF's "Follow the Money" pages:

2000 General Election (Top Ten Donors to Props through 12/31/00)
2000 General Election (Top Ten Donors to Props through 11/2/00)
2000 General Election (Top Ten Donors to Props through 6/30/00)
2000 Primary Election
(Top Ten Donors to Proposition Campaigns)
1998 General Election
1998 Primary Election
1996 General Election
From the Secretary of State:

Late Contributions, 2000 General Election
Late Contributions, 2000 Primary Election

Late Contributions, 1998 General Election
Late Contributions, 1998 Primary Election
Campaign Finance Summary Reports, 1995 - present

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Federal Data (Presidential Election, U.S. Senate Races, U.S. House Races)

There are excellent online disclosure resources for federal contests. The FEC's web site offers both electronic disclosure data and scanned images of federal paper disclosure reports on its web site. For reliable analysis of federal campaign money, CVF recommends the Center for Responsive Politics.

  Federal Election Commission
Center for Responsive Politics
  Political Money Line
  Center for Public Integrity's "State Secrets" soft money study

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Local Data

On the local level, a few jurisdictions in California have electronic filing and online disclosure programs. For most local contests, however, voters still need to visit their local elections office to view paper campaign finance disclosure records. If you know of a web site with local campaign finance information that should be included below, please contact us.

  Los Angeles Ethics Commission
San Francisco Ethics Commission
Davis Community Network Voter Information Project
  Local Elections Offices -- Contact Information

This page first published February 10, 2000 -- last updated October 28, 2002