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The state's bookkeeper

Elected for 4 years
$140,000 annual salary

acts as the accountant and bookkeeper for the state, keeping track of how money is spent

issues most checks from the state

does audits or reviews of state operations

serves on many boards and commissions, including the Board of Equalization

Current Office Holder

Steve Westly


How to Contact Steve Westly

Street Address:

300 Capitol Mall, 6th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814


(916) 445-2636


Web Site:



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Past Office Holders

1995 - 2001

Kathleen Connell, Democrat

1987 - 1994

Gray Davis, Democrat

1975 - 1986

Kenneth Cory, Democrat

1967 - 1974

Houston I. Flournoy, Republican

1959 - 1966

Alan Cranston, Democrat

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