Insurance Commissioner

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The insurance chief

Elected for 4 years
$140,000 annual salary

runs the state Department of Insurance

licenses and regulates insurance companies

enforces the laws of the California Insurance Code

responds to public questions and complaints about insurance

Current Office Holder

John Garamendi


How to Contact John Garamendi

See the website below for each insurance division address and phone number.

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Important Documents for John Garamendi


Inaugural Address 1/6/03

Press Releases


2002 Campaign Information for John Garamendi


Top Three Priorites

Ballot Pamphlet Statement

Official Election Results

Past Office Holders

2000 - 2002
Harry W. Low

1995 - 2000

Chuck Quackenbush, Republican

1991 - 1994

John Garamendi, Democrat

1989 - 1990

Roxani Gillespie, Republican

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