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Proposition 54: Classification By Race, Ethnicity, Color, or National Origin

Initiative Constitutional Amendment

Official Summary:
Prohibits state and local governments from classifying any person by race, ethnicity, color, or national origin. Various exemptions apply. Fiscal Impact: The measure would not result in a significant fiscal impact on state and local governments.


Official Proponent:

Diane Schachterle
American Civil Rights Coalition
P.O. Box 189113, Sacramento, California, 95818
(916) 444-2278


Official Opponent:
Ed Lee
Coalition For An Informed California
1611 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, California, 94612
(510) 452-2728


Who Signed the Ballot Arguments:
Ward Connerly, University of California Regent
Martha Montelongo Myers, Columnist
Joe Hicks, Human Relations Consultant
Sam Aanestad, California State Senator
Dr. MaryRose Consiglio, Prop. 54 Statewide Vice Chair
Rodger Hedgecock, Talk Show Host KOGO San Diego
Jacqueline Jacobberger, President; League of Women Voters
John C. Lewin, M.D., Chief Executive Officer; California Medical Association
Molly Coye, M.D., Former Director; Department of Health Services, Wilson Administration
Robert M. Pearl, M.D., Kaiser Permanente

Follow the Money:
All Proposition 54 campaign finance committees, from the Secretary of State


Nonpartisan Voter Information:
California Budget Project Proposition Information
Project Vote Smart Proposition Information
Smart Voter’s Proposition Information


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