2018 Proposition Song

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The 2018 Proposition Song is sung to a standard blues melody, in the key of E:    

E - - E7  - A  -  E  -  B7  -  A  -  E  -  B7

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Well it came in the mail just the other day, 

My official voter guide, I said “What the hey?

Let’s take a look, see what it’s all about.”  

I read and I read but I just can’t figure it out!


I started with the first one, Proposition One, 

One of four bond act ballot propositionsI

t’s for housing, same as Prop number 2. 

Sing along and avoid those California Proposition Blues!


Proposition 3 is a water bond, 

Prop 4 pays for hospital construction

The kind that serve the kids in our state. 

Seven more to go, c’mon vote and participate!


Back in Nineteen Seventy-eight,

Voters locked down property tax rates

Now older homeowners stay put all their lives

They might sell if voters pass Proposition 5.


6 is about the roads we drive, and 

Whether to keep a new gas tax alive

Vote yes if you think drivers should not pay more

Vote no if you think road improvements should be paid for.


Long ago, in Nineteen Forty-nine, 

Californians approved Daylight Savings Time

In Spring we leap forward, and later fall back

If we pass Prop 7, the legislature could change that.


8 impacts those with kidney disease, and 

what clinics charge in dialysis fees

Supporters say these costs are too high

Opponents say this measure risks patients' lives.

Proposition 9 is no more, 

the state supreme court threw it out the door

Three more to go, we’re nearly through

Sing along with us and avoid those proposition blues!


Proposition 10’s about rent control, and 

whether state law should allow for more

If you vote yes, rent control could expand

Vote no if you are not a rent control fan


11’s ‘bout ambulance companies, and 

how they treat their employees

Vote no if you think they must get their lunch breaks

Vote yes if you think 911 callers must not wait


12 is about animal rights, and 

whether farm animal pens are too tight

Supporters say spaces must be re-sized

Opponents say if it passes egg prices will rise


If you want more info, go online, 

calvoter.org’s open all the time

Follow the money, learn what you can

Vote by November 6, help make the laws of our land!


Just remember voting’s not a test. 

Vote on what you can and skip the rest

Talk with friends, ask them their views

Do a little homework and 

avoid those proposition blues! 


Sing along and avoid those 

California proposition blues!




Lyrics by Kim Alexander

The Proposition Song Players:

  • Kim Alexander - Guitar & Vocals
  • Tim Brown - Harmonica & Vocals
  • Jeff Bruner - Bass
  • Jim Fox - Guitar & Vocals
  • Lou Galgani - Percussion & Vocals
  • Max Howe - Saw & Vocals
  • Gordon Lane - Vocals
  • Cathy McCallister - Guitar & Vocals
  • Carl Salmonsen - Lead Guitar & Vocals
  • Donna Silva - Guitar & Vocals

Audio recording by Jessica Hayes

Videography by:

  • Bob Stanton
  • Jessica Hayes
  • Carl Salmonsen
  • Molly Ferrell

Video editing by Steve Anselmino

Special Thanks to:

  • Jessica Hayes
  • Steve Anselmino
  • Gerard Gleason
  • Vincent Sterne & the Two Rivers Cider staff
  • The Proposition Song players & videographers
  • And the donors to the California Voter Foundation who make voter education projects like this one possible.

Rebroadcasting Rights

News organizations may rebroadcast the video or audio of the song in whole or in part, with attribution to the California Voter Foundation. An MP3 version of the song is available upon request