Voter Engagement

CVF's voter engagement work has included conducting surveys, supporting online voter registration and voter access to online lookup tools, and promoting the Internet as an effective tool for nonpartisan voter education.

  • CVF endorses and supports Voters Edge, the premier nonpartisan online voter information resource produced by the League of Women Voters of California and Maplight.
  • Visit CVF's Voter Engagement Archives page to access CVF's work in this policy area.
  • Visit the Voters Choice Act Starter Kit from the Secretary of State to learn more about the vote-center voting model that some California counties have adopted to replace the traditional polling place model. 


Sacramento County is making plans to implement the Voters Choice Act

This past June, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors voted to implement the Voter's Choice Act, giving Sacramento County Registrar of Voters Jill LaVine and her staff the green light to move forward on a new plan for voting county-wide.

The Voters Choice Act, or VCA, was enacted in 2016 as Senate Bill 450. This new law allows counties to replace neighborhood polling places with a new voting process where every registered voter is sent a vote-by-mail ballot and provided with county-wide drop boxes and vote centers prior to and on Election Day. 

Five reasons why Governor Brown should sign AB 216

Sacramento -- The California Voter Foundation urged Governor Jerry Brown to sign Assembly Bill 216 to provide postage-paid vote-by-mail ballot return envelopes to all California voters. On July 18, Governor Brown signed AB 216 into law. Below is an excerpt of the support letter CVF sent to Governor Brown, providing five reasons why the bill should be signed. 


Here are five reasons why California should enact AB 216:

1) Removes a major voting obstacle.

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