Voter Registration

CVF has promoted improvements to voter registration including support for online voter registration, which California implemented in 2012, and has worked to improve the voter registration form istelf, both in print and online. CVF's 2015 policy brief, VoteCal and the Struggle to Modernize California's Voter Registration Database, provides a history of the lengthy process California underwent to upgrade the state's maintenance of voter data statewide. 

You can check your registration status online using the Secretary of State's My Voter Status site. County election offices also offer similar lookup tools through their web sites

You can register to vote online at

Want to help register people to vote? See CVF's Ten Tips for Registering Californians to Vote

Access official California Voter Registration Statistics from the Secretary of State

Visit CVF's Voter Registration Modernization Archives page to access historical information about VoteCal. 


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