Monday, Nov. 6 is Election Hero Day - How will you celebrate?

Join CVF on November 6th, 2023 to celebrate Election Hero Day!

November 3, 2023


Hi Folks,

Do you know someone who helps make elections happen? Maybe someone who serves as a poll worker in your community? Or a staffer at your local or state elections department? 

Maybe you know a journalist who covers election issues? Or a person working at a nonprofit helping voters. Or a teacher who engages students in the voting process. Maybe someone at your local library or post office who always makes sure there are voter registration applications available.

All of these people are election heroes, and Monday, November 6th is Election Hero Day 2023 and a day to celebrate them!

If you don’t know someone personally, just reach out to your state or local elections office directly, bring them flowers or balloons, or drop off a thank you note. Californians can find a roster and contact information for county election offices on CVF's web site. 

Visit the Election Hero Day web site for more ideas, social media messages and graphics you can download and use to craft your own message. 

This is a day to say thank you to the people who make U.S. elections work. It’s not an easy job – it’s actually super complex. And elections happen no matter what the obstacles may be. Bad weather, pandemics, threats and harassment, earthquakes – nothing stops elections. 

People who work in the field of elections are not doing it for the glory, or the money. We do it because we love self-representation. We believe voting gives us power and keeps authoritarianism at bay. We believe in majority rule, fairness, and in looking out for the underdogs. 

Election heroes are your friends, neighbors, colleagues, casual acquaintances, a name on a ballot return envelope. 

Take a moment to think about who in your life helps make elections work in your community, and then take the time on Monday, Nov. 6th to say “thank you”. Send them a text, share something on social media, make some nice chalk art design in front of their office. Ask others to help, make it a fun time!

In California we have local elections in many communities on Nov. 7th. Another election is coming in 2024 and it’s a big one. There is some uncertainty these days but one thing we have been able to count on is having elections to help us make the big decisions. 

And we need our election heroes, now more than ever. So please take a moment out on Monday to show your gratitude for the hard work they do. They need us, too. #Thankyouelectionheroes. 

-- Kim Alexander, President & Founder
California Voter Foundation


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