Support CVF and voters on Big Day of Giving

By Kim Alexander,
May 2, 2024

Please support CVF and voters on Big Day of Giving!

Dear Friends,

For thirty years, the California Voter Foundation has supported voters and elections by promoting and providing public access to reliable election information and working to secure the election process so people can vote with confidence.

We rely on support from individuals like you and are joining in the Sacramento region's Big Day of Giving today to ask you to help fund this important work.

Contributions can be made to CVF via credit or debit card using PayPal, through the Big Day of Giving site or by check payable to CVF and mailed to: 

California Voter Foundation 
P.O. Box 189277
Sacramento, CA 95818-9277 
CVF also accepts donations via Fidelity Charitable

Here’s a look at what CVF is up to in 2024:

  • CVF is supporting and nurturing a nationwide network of over 200 leaders across different sectors and states to protect and support election officials and election administration. This work grew out of the 2020 election and the rise of threats against election workers, and is a key component of CVF’s election security work.
  • CVF is supporting legislation to protect voters and election workers: AB 2642 will provide added protections to allow election workers and officials, and voters, to sue for civil damages if they encounter intimidating, threatening or coercive behavior at voting and election sites; AB 3211 will require generative AI companies to embed digital provenance data within the digital media they create, empowering California voters to make informed, confident choices by enabling the public to verify the authenticity of media information; and AB 2655 will require large, online platforms to help protect California elections by limiting the spread of online disinformation and deepfakes intended to influence elections by deceiving voters or preventing them from voting.
  • CVF produced its nonpartisan California Online Voter Guide for the March primary and will update our guide in the Fall for the November election. CVF’s web site features a wide array of trustworthy and timely resources to help Californians participate in elections with confidence. In the first three months of 2024 alone, over 1.6 million pages of information were served to the public via
  • CVF joined with other nonprofits to support new regulations developed by the Secretary of State that will, once enacted, establish clear statewide rules for how counties shall enable the public to observe post-election audits, which are conducted to verify the accuracy of election results tabulated using computers.

Please donate today! Your tax-deductible donation empowers CVF to continue this important work helping voters and protecting the voting process. 

Thank you for your support!

--- Kim Alexander, CVF President & Founder, Board Chair Cathy Darling Allen & Board Members Tommy Gong, Jack Lerner, Steve Levine, Mindy Romero, Susan Roth & Pam Smith