Too-close-to-call California congressional races may decide U.S. House majority

By Madisen Keavy,
CBS Sacramento,
November 14, 2022


Too-close-to-call congressional races in California may decide power in the U.S. House of Representatives, from a Democratic majority to a Republican majority. 

The Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan group that tracks and researches election results, has five California congressional races deemed a "toss-up" and six that are considered competitive. 

Congressional District 9, between Democratic candidate Josh Harder and Republican Tom Patti, according to the Cook Political Report is leaning Democrat, which means the race is competitive but one party has an advantage. 

Congressional District 13, between Democratic candidate and Assemblyman Adam Gray and Republican candidate and farmer John Duarte is dubbed a toss-up, and still too close to call.

Both Duarte and Gray were in Washington D.C. on Monday for new member orientation. 

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By Monday evening, Gray had a 761 vote lead ahead of Duarte. 

 "Those vote-by-mail ballots that are being processed, are all in one pile, they're not broken up by precinct, and so you can't look at those 200K ballots and say, these are the ones from this precinct in this district." said Kim Alexander, the President and founder of the California Voter Foundation. (Full Video)