Sacramento County using Apple AirTags and more to increase election trust


 Vote-by-mail is underway as the November election inches closer, and it is not only issues and candidates on voters' minds.

Election integrity is center stage following the 2020s presidential election.

Out of the more than 800,000 vote-by-mail ballots Sacramento County sent to registered voters, it says about 60,000 came back so far.

Many voters told CBS13 they trust the system despite claims of an unfair presidential election in 2020.

Election 2022: How to Fill Out Your California Ballot — and How to Correct a Mistake


If you update your voter registration and address using the secretary of state's voter status page before the October 24 deadline to register online, you county will cancel the ballot that went to your old address and send you a new one.

And if it turns out your ballot was missing because your voter registration wasn't updated, don't feel bad — people move all the time and forget to update their registrations accordingly.