FROM: Kim Alexander
SUBJECT: Sixty Percent of California Candidates are NOW ONLINE!
Date: Thursday, March 65, 1998

Hi Folks:

I’m pleased to announce that our web site now features UPDATED information on this year’s statewide candidates and measures. We have compiled the information collected by the Secretary of State and you can now find at the calvoter web site a listing of the 97 candidates who have filed declarations for U.S. Senate, Governor and the seven other statewide offices. The list also includes addresses, phone numbers, and hyperlinked email and web site addresses for these candidates.

I was astonished and delighted to discover that already SIXTY PERCENT of California’s statewide candidates have campaign web sites, and ONE-THIRD of those candidates have their own domains! Nearly every ballot measure campaign also has its own web site and domain already.

The preponderance of campaign web sites shows that the Internet has gone mainstream in elections, at least in California. Our elections this year are providing a glimpse into the future of politics and setting the pace for cyber-democracy. If you want to see for yourself, just visit our newly updated California Election Preview web site at

Much thanks and credit are due to Secretary of State Bill Jones and the hard-working staff of his Elections Division, who collected the campaign contact information for inclusion in their forthcoming new and improved California Voter Information Guide, due to hit California mailboxes in mid-April.

Tomorrow is the deadline for filing Declarations of Candidacy for California state offices. As always, CVF will endeavor to update our candidates’ list as quickly as possible. Information for California congressional and legislative candidates will be available from CVF’s web site after the Secretary of State publishes the final, Certified List of Candidates on March 26th.

Happy surfing,

-- Kim Alexander, President
California Voter Foundation


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