From: Kim Alexander
Subject: CA propositions campaign finance data on the NET
Date: May 15, 1998

Great news! The Secretary of State has published a campaign finance report for the June 1998 state ballot measures. The report features summaries of the total raised for and against each measure, and itemizes contributions received by the ballot measure campaign committees of $10,000 or more. The new report covers fundraising through March 17, 1998 and is available on the Secretary of State's web site.

Almost $19 million was raised by ballot measure campaign committees through March 17, 1998. This figure includes funds raised to qualify initiatives. I found the biggest surprise in the report to be that Proposition 224, a measure dealing with state construction contracts, drew the greatest amount of funds in this reporting period. Like many other political observers, I would have guessed that Propositions 223, 226 and 227, which are drawing the most attention, would have likewise attracted the most dollars. Of course, there are certain to be millions more disclosed in the next round of reports, which are due to be filed with the Secretary of State on May 21st and will cover campaign financing between March 18 - May 16. I'll have more information for CVF-NEWS subscribers about campaign finance disclosure soon in an upcoming edition of this newsletter.

In the meantime, below are the summary totals for money raised for the nine state ballot measures. You can find the itemized contributions of $10,000 on the Secretary of State's web site at:


Proposition 219
subject: Ballot Measures
support: 0
oppose: 0
total: 0

Proposition 220
subject: Court Consolidation
support: 0
oppose: 0
total: 0

Proposition 221
subject: Commission on Judicial Performance
support: 0
oppose: 0
total: 0

Proposition 222
subject: Murder - Punishment
support: $10,222
oppose: 0
total: $10,222

Proposition 223
subject: Schools. Spending Limits on Administration
support: $1,144,790
oppose: $319,613
total: $1,464,403

Proposition 224
subject: Design and Engineering Services
support: $3,116,355
oppose: $5,205,814
total: $8,322,169

Proposition 225
subject: Congressional Term Limits
support: $401,648
oppose: 0
total: $401,648

Proposition 226
subject: Labor Union and Employee Political Contributions
support: $2,152,512
oppose: $4,845,116
total: $6,997,628

Proposition 227
subject: Bilingual Education
support: $1,022,569
oppose: $738,229
total: $1,760,798

Grand Totals for ballot measure fundraising through March 17, 1998:
support: $7,848,096
oppose: $11,108,772
total: $18,956,868