FROM:   Kim Alexander
DATE:   May 1, 2003
RE:   May 9th Privacy and First Amendment conference

Hi Folks:

Next Friday, May 9th the California Office of Privacy Protection, Electronic Privacy Information Center and First Amendment Project will host a "Privacy and the First Amendment" conference in Oakland, California.

Here's a brief description of this conference from the brochure:

Uniting Privacy and the First Amendment in the 21st Century is an activist symposium designed to explore the interplay between privacy and First Amendment rights with the goal of developing strategies for optimizing both. Issues to be addressed include:

* Protecting the Anonymous Consumer Advocate
* Legislative Strategies for Preserving Consumer Privacy
* Safeguarding Records of Bookstores, Libraries and Political Associations
* Privacy and Public Records

I will be participating in the "Privacy and Public Records" afternoon workshop, and will be speaking about the findings of the California Voter Foundation's research into voter registration data gathering and disemmination practices from CVF's forthcoming study, "Voter Privacy in the Digital Age".

The Oakland conference is open to the public; registration is required. General admission is $95; there is also a student/non-profit/journalist rate of $25. More information is online at:

To register, print out the brochure at the above url. Since this conference is fast approaching, you can also send your registration information via email, to Sandra Lupien at the First Amendment Project, at and make your payment at the door (checks only will be accepted).

I look forward to seeing many of you there!

-- Kim Alexander, California Voter Foundation,
(916) 441-2494

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