FROM:   Kim Alexander
DATE:   August 13, 2003
RE:   135 candidates to appear on California Recall ballot

Hi Folks,

The anxiously awaited news has finally arrived. This evening California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley certified 135 candidates to appear on the October 7, 2003 California Recall ballot as potential replacements for California Governor Gray Davis should he be recalled.

Though it's a long list, one way to tell which candidates who are on it might be considered the most serious is by seeing which ones have set up campaign committees and are actively fundraising. The Secretary of State's web site features a list of all the candidates who filed statements of intent to form campaign committees. Of the names on this list, only seven are currently linked to active campaign committees (though others may be added soon). Those seven candidates are: Cruz Bustamante; Peter Camejo; Arianna Huffington; Tom McClintock; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Bill Simon; and Peter Ueberroth.

The Certified List of Candidates, providing each candidate's name, party affiliation, occupation, contact information, and web site address is at:

A summary of this list is at

The Secretary of State's Recall homepage is . It provides a wealth of information about the recall. More links to resources about the recall are available from the California Voter Foundation's Recall Election Information page, at

-- Kim Alexander, President, California Voter Foundation

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